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Derrick Acosta

Acosta (Left) at the Game Developers Conference in 2017
Born Derrick Acosta
(1985-09-27) September 27, 1985 (age 36)
San Diego, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, writer, film director
Years active 2003–present

Derrick Acosta (Born September 27th, 1985) is an American independent actor, sketch comedian, music video director and video content producer living in San Diego, California. He is best known for his work in Mega64, a web based comedy group founded in 2003. The group produces a self-titled series that has had three seasons released on DVD and is notable amongst the video game industry for frequent collaboration with high-profile video game industry CEO's and developers (notably Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimé of Nintendo ) during the Game Developers Conference,[1] E3, and various other commissioned projects, ads, or presentations.[2][3][4] The group was also chosen as one of Variety's "top 10 Comedians to look out for" in 2015.[5] They are frequent collaborators and acquaintances with fellow gaming-centered internet group and production company Rooster Teeth, and have attended the annual Rooster Teeth convention known as RTX .

Life and Career

Derrick Acosta is a San Diego native. He is of Puerto Rican descent. Acosta met future co-workers Rocco Botte and Shawn Chatfield when attending theater practice in high school. The three of them were tasked with editing highlight and blooper reels of the theater cast, starting off their desire to pursue careers in video production and comedy.[6]Through that meeting, Acosta, Botte and Chatfield founded Mega64. Originally meant to be a public access show, Mega64 was eventually distributed as a DVD series which rose in popularity amongst indie-filmmakers and the video game industry alike for its unique take on budget filmmaking, public sketch comedy, and video game related satire,[7] eventually leading them to collaborate with prominent figures in those communities including Michael J. Nelson[8] and Hideo Kojima.[9] Following a series of viral videos, Mega64 was approached by numerous games publications and gaming companies to produce videos for them. Acosta started working in video production full-time starting in 2007, and since then has become an instrumental figure in organizing an annual Mega64 convention and Disneyland meet-up known as "Gamedays".[10] Acosta has personally attributed his success not to sheer growth in popularity or income, but to connections and respect from important industry figures as well as maintaining artistic integrity.

As both an actor and director of video content, Acosta feels that the beloved public Jackass-style sketch work that he does can be very stressful. In an interview with New Media Rockstars, Acosta stated that "a lot of times it’s more nerve-wracking being the cameraman... if you’re the guy with the camera then you’re not the idiot. You’re the guy who has to explain it. You’re obviously catching it, and you’re obviously planning on doing something with it. It’s like you’re the authority when you have the camera," answering a question about the stress of shooting public sketches.[11]

Acosta co-hosts a weekly live-streamed and recorded Mega64 Podcast (streamed live on and later uploaded in an edited format to YouTube and ITunes) which focuses on various topics ranging from video games, video production, movie reviews, and even questions taken through viewers via skype, live chat, email, or recorded video comments. Acosta is known by Mega64podcast-viewers for his Shock Jock-esque personality and opinions, often times deliberately provoking viewers or callers with offensive comedic statements and/or actions.[12] The audience-involved nature of this podcast often times involves Acosta or other hosts asking the audience directly to play pranks on other youtubers or personalities, even demanding Paul McCartney to include the song Temporary Secretary as part of his regular live setlist, which eventually occurred and Acosta attributes to the behavior of the podcast's audience.[13]

In addition to Mega64, Acosta runs his own video production company.[14] Through this company, Acosta has produced music videos and other media productions for San Diego Bay Area bands. Some of his music video projects have gained notoriety for their unique artistic style and direction.[15] Acosta has also given classes on web show production at the Film Consortium San Diego film school.[16]

In 2016, Acosta along with his frequent collaborators, found the graphical design and production company Mortis Studio. The company has done work for clients such as Adult Swim, Sony and Urban Outfitters.[17]


2003–present Mega64 Horatio, Derek, writer, editor, other
2006 GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley Himself
2010 Love Like Bullets Donnie Ringo
2010 Immersion Himself
2010-2014 Battle Hero Absolute Derrick
2011 Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? Himself
2012 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series Special thanks, Video used in "The Fans Power Up" special feature
2012–2014 The Aquabats! Super Show! Various
2014 One Piece Additional Voice (English dub)
2014 Table Flip Various
2016 YouTubers React Various
2016 San Diego Film Awards Himself - Presenter
2017 The Eleven Little Roosters Holy Father


Year Artist Title
2012 OBEY / DJ Z-Trip "Live Visualization"
2012 Mrs. Magician "Dead 80's"
2012 Plateaus "Do it for you"
2013 Seacats "Wrecked
2013 Mrs. Magician "There is No God"
2014 Hideout "Where You've Been"
2014 Barbarian "Pheromoans"
2015 Keepers "Blasé"
2016 Dead Heavens "Feel Low"


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