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Dhanashree Ganatra
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Known for You, Me and Chaai
Musical artist

Dhanashree Ganatra is an Indian singer-songwriter and musician.[1][2] She is best known for the multi genre, spoken-word and poetry variety show concept You, Me and Chaai.[1] She is has penned two poetry books, My Facebook Wall and Dhanu Dnyaniyaachi which were published in 2016.[3]


Since beginning her career, Ganatra has worked on several short and feature-length films in various languages including Marathi, Hindi and English as either a playback singer, composer, music producer or filmmaker.[1] She is best known for her musical variety concept show called You, Me and Chaai.[1] The show's central concept is around the popular beverage tea (chaai).[1] She developed the idea when performing at a blind children's school.[1] The show infuses various musical genres by the use of shayari.[1] The show has been critically well received for the merging the genres of rap, rock, pop, jazz and ghazal.[1]

In 2016, Ganatra published two books, firstly: My Facebook Wall, a collection of poems in Marathi, English and Hindi; and secondly: Dhanu Dnyaniyaachi, a collection of Marathi poems in the genre of abhang.[3] The books were published by Pune, Maharashtra, India based publishing company Swarbhoomi.[3]

In 2016, Ganatra performed in support of the environment awareness organization Terre Policy Center.[4] Ganatra performed the Raag Ahir Bhairav at a cultural event organized on the theme of the Indradhanushya, inspired by recent monsoon conditions and climate changes in India.[4]

Ganatra has been lauded of her work with the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.[1][5] As of 2016, she has recorded eleven featured albums/compilations for the mission.[5] The genre of the albums for the mission have included kirtans, mantras and baani.[5] Ganatra has also been a songwriting coach to singer-songwriter Adi Agashé since 2010.[2]


As featured or co-featured artist:[5]

  • Soulful Kirtans Volume 1, 2, and 3
  • Seven Aartis
  • Mantras Volume 1 & 2
  • The Rubbaiyat of Nuri
  • Twinkle Twinkle Tiny Star
  • Ecstatic Kirtans Volume 1 & 2
  • Inspiring Kirtans

Live album:[5]

Compilation album:[5]


Poetry collections:[3]



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