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Dimitris Kakalidis (1943–1995) was a Greek poet and philosopher.


Dimitris Kakalidis was born in 1943 in Athens, Greece, where he remained for the duration of his life. He grew up in post-war Athens in difficult financial and social conditions and worked in various sectors.

Philosophy and poetry were of interest to him even from his early teenage years. Later on in his life, he wrote 6 collections of poems, as well as the book “The Revelation of the Entity” in which he explicates his philosophical view of man and life in a distinct manner. He concerned himself especially with analyzing and deepening our understanding of literature, and the fruit of his labor were two books: “The Wisdom of the Narrative” and “The Wisdom of the Poem” in which 36 narratives and 100 poems of contemporary Greek writers are analyzed respectively. Through his works and his overall contribution he came into close contact with distinguished poets and writers.

He composed music for some of his poems, which can be found on CD with the title “Jewels in the Wind” by the Hellenic Union of Composers and Authors (E.M.S.E.). Extracts from his books are still published today in literary magazines and poetic anthologies, and many of them have been translated into English. Through his work he strived for the emergence of spirituality in the human kind. He died in 1995.

The Kakalidis Method

The term “Kakalidis Method”[1] refers to the method of approach used by Dimitris Kakalidis to deepen our understanding of and analyze the narratives and poems by distinguished, Modern Greek writers in his two volumes “The Wisdom of the Narrative” and “The Wisdom of the Poem”. His method was presented at the 7th International Conference on Literature organized by the International Academic Association ATINER (Athens Institute for Research and Education) in June 2014.

The method uses an approach which synthesizes various philosophical movements as well as historic, scientific and mythological elements, thus analyzing a literary work on three levels. Its basic elements are the desymbolization of the concepts and the constant unification of opposite pairs, the prevalent point being the equation of matter and spirit.

An article on the Kakalidis Method was published on the ATINER website and in the Athens Journal of Philology (vol. 1, issue 3, September 2014), which is published by the Languages and Linguistics Research Unit and the Literature Research Unit of ATINER, with the title “The Kakalidis Method for Literature Analysis: A Synthesis Approach”[2]


The author’s works include:[3]

  • the poetic trilogy
    • “The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation”
    • “Fallen Paradise Holy Matter”
    •  “Logos the Third”
  • the poetic collections
    • “Incentives I”
    • “Incentives II”
  •  the work “Alaloum and Halleluiah” which he co-authored with the writer Dimitris Karvounis.
  • two volumes with analyses of poems and narratives by contemporary Greek writers
    • “The Wisdom of the Narrative”
    • “The Wisdom of the Poem”
  • the book “The Revelation of the Entity”.


  •  The Revelation of the Entity (original title: Η Αποκάλυψη της Οντότητας)
  • The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation (original title: Ο Κεκρυμμένος Λωτός της Φανέρωσης)
  • Fallen Paradise Holy Matter (original title: Εκπεσούσα Παράδεισος Ύλη Αγία)
  • Logos the Third (original title: Λόγος ο Τρίτος)
  • Incentives I (original title: Εναύσματα Ι)
  • Incentives II (original title: Εναύσματα ΙΙ)

Presentations and Tributes

Presentations of his works have taken place at events by the Philological Society “Parnassos” in 1993[4] and 2009,[5] the “National Hellenic Literary Society”[6] and the Panhellenic Union of Litterateurs in 2010,[7] the 22nd World Congress of Poets in Larissa in 2011[8] and the 1st International Congress of Poetry in Albania in 2012.[9]  

In June 2014, the “Kakalidis Method for the analysis of Poetry and Literature” was presented for the first time to the international scientific community at the 7th International Conference on Literature organized by the International Academic Association ATINER (Athens Institute for Research and Education)[2].

Two literary events followed at the Hellenic Centre in London titled “The Wisdom of the Poem – an innovative approach”[10] in 2015 and “Beyond the earth, beyond the mind, beyond the myth, a story true: a poetic trilogy by the contemporary Greek poet & philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis” in 2016,[11] which was also broadcast by the channel HellenicTV, London.[12]

On this same channel, on the show “Epi tis ousias”, his poetic works[13] (November 2016) and his analyses of literary works (April 2017)[14] were presented by distinguished writers.

In December 2016, his trilogy was presented at an event at the Hellenic Literary Society, where the president of the Society, Mr Konstantinos Karoussos, in his greeting[15] at the event mentioned among other things that the work of D. Kakalidis is “a sacred, all-seeing, panerotic intuition about the future of mankind. It provides answers to the man of today, to the man of the future”. Part of this event was published in a literary magazine.[16]

Extracts from his books continue to be published in literary magazines and poetic anthologies.    


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