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Divided we Fall is a strategic close-combat multiplayer video game[1][2] that emphasizes the importance of building an effective cohesive squad and executing well thought-out tactics on the battlefield. The video game was released September 2016 on Steam Early Access and is compatible for the Windows, MAC / Steam OS and Linux system.[3][4]

The game runs on the Unity engine and was created by independent studio KAVA Game studio.[5]


Before KAVA was founded, Florian Käding developed and maintained the predecessor to Divided We Fall from 2001 to 2012. Florian, a student at the time, released Call of Combat in 2002. The game garnered more than 100,000 registered players. Technological advances prompted the halt of the original game’s development to divert Florian’s attention to its successor, Divided We Fall.

Together with Erik Vader, Florian created KAVA Game Studio in 2013. KAVA was assembled in 2014 to create a modern sequel to Call of Combat in the Unity engine. Antoine Meurillon joined KAVA in 2014 and eventually took over Erik’s role within the company. With the same name as its predecessor, the game’s open alpha was released in February 2015. In the same month, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to acquire support and awareness. Although the goal was not reached, KAVA continues to go forward in its bid to attain what the founders set out to do – create a game the community will love.[6] Call of Combat officially changed its name to Divided We Fall. Inspiration for so was taken from the phrase United we stand, divided we fall.


Players can test their skills in quick 1 vs 1 battles, or join battles with up to 10 players per team. In team games, co-operation is paramount. The highest ranking players on each team must devise a battle plan and distribute weapons through an in-game board interface. The commander leads his units, controlled by players, to victory by providing strategic guidance throughout the game.[7][8][4]


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