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Matthew Belcher, known professionally as Dj Matt Black, is an English DJ and record producer and musician, known for house music.[1][2][3][4][5][1][6][7][8][9]


Mattthew Belcher was born on 17 December 1993, at Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon, Berkshire, England, he has always been creative even in his early years from the age of ten he started his DJ-ing career doing Jungle mixes from his shed then publishing them over social media , at the age of Eleven he had his artwork in a Tate Gallery exhibition [10] and at aged twelve he created his very own pirate radio station helping local artists and playing Jungle and Drum and Bass that reached his local area, then at the age of thirteen he did a performance at bristol festival after the Freestylers, after this Dj Matt Black took a break from music to study and pursue dancing arts, at the age of fourteen he did breakdancing shows and competitions with the group he was a part of in London even doing background dancing for soldier boy, round about the age of fifteen Dj Matt Black got back into music after his aunite brought him some more decks, since then music has always been on his mind may it be dancing to it or mixing it even producing it, he later on joined an underground EDM group that does festival performances such as the Swindon music festival,[11] even though hes apart of the EDM group he still continues his solo Career in the music industry.[12]


Artwork in a Tate Gallery Exhibition 2005 [10] Swindon music festival 2016 [11] BBC Radio The Tom Robinson Show 2018 [13] BBC Radio Wales The Adam Walton Show 2018 [14] Spinin Records Chart Global Highest rank 37[15]


Release Date Country
Drugs 2018-05-21 GB
Brothers Keeper 2018-06-01 GB
Disco Dream 2018-06-13 XW
Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall Remix 2018-06-13 XW
The Animals - House of the rising sun Remix 2018-08-19 XW
The Hurts 2018-09-14 GB
Chuck da Candy 2018-10-10 GB
David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Brooks, Like i do Remix 2018-10-25 XW
Droping Acid 2018-11-04 XW
David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia Remix 2018-11-22 XW
Oasis - Falling down Remix 2018-12-03 XW

Source musicbrainz database [16]


Tate Gallery exhibition - [17] BBC Profile for Dj Matt Black - [1] Dj Matt Black - DRUGS played on BBC Radio - [13] Dj Matt Black - Droping Acid played on BBC Radio Wales [14] Dj Matt Black - DISCO DREAM on Spotify - [18] Dj Matt Black - DISCO DREAM on iTunes - [19]

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