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Dong Han Kang, general manager of a trading company in Shanghai,has donated 1.23 milion yuan of his company profits to charity. Kang's actions illutrated his belief that no matter how little you have, there are people you can help-and the time to help is now, Kang's immense generosity and enlightened philsophy of charity are remarkable.[1]



  • 2002 Best Foreign Investment Enterprise Certificate from Shanghai City Government
  • 2005 Letter of Application from the Korean Consulate General in Shanghai
  • 2006 Letters of Appreciation for Contribution to the Korean commerce committee and foundation of Korean School in Shanghai
  • 2006 French Public Multinational Industrial Conglomerate
  • 2007 A Well-renowned Electronic Equipment Manufacturer
  • 2010 Award from the Minister of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in South Korea
  • 2011 Award letter of Application from the Korean Consulate General in Shanghai

Management Policies & Business Philosophy

Management Policies: Law-abiding management, Creditable management, Welfare managment, Public interest management Business Philosophy: Impression to customers, Happiness to employees, Affection to neighbors, Responsibility for the society

Business-related article

"In order to advance to the domestic market, you need to select a target market and capture it with the best product." the representative of Shijing International Trade CO.,Ltd, Donghan Kang, said. Shijing International Trade Co.,Ltd decided to develop a new pressure switch box market in 2000. It was also the time when the company determined the main item on which its future depends after considering dozens of them.[2]

Social Responsibilities


Company has donated 1.23 million yuan to the shanghai Charity Foundation and Project Hope.

"There are five children in my family and when we were growing up, my father had the responsibility of earning the salary. as in most traditional Korean families." says Kang, explaining the genesis of his lifelong motivation to help others. When Kang was younger, his mother was struck by a serious illness for a whole year. "I took a year off from my studies to help support my family through this crisis. All of us children frequently think of this difficult period. My whole family suffered greatly, but we also came to realize how important it was to have help at a critical moment in life."

After moving from Korea to China to head the trading company, Kang began volunteer charity work at a hospital for the elderly on Hongqiao Lu in 1998. He helped with common chores like washing clothes and cleaning up." but I did not feel this kind of work made enough of a difference." explains Kang. "I decided that giving money through charity foundations is the fastest and max effective way to help the greatest number of needy people."

Later, Kang went online to learn more about charities in Shanghai and he found the SCF website. He immediately arranged a meeting at the SCF office, and since then, Kang has donated to numerous SCF projects every year. "Working with the SCF is like a join cooperation." says Kang, "I really appreciate the clear and detailed reports I receive from the SCF. which include information on each person who is helped, what they receive, and even what kind of sickness they may have. And whatever I meet with the SCF-although I am just a small company and my donations are not very big-they always ask for my approval of each person or program which is supported by our donations."

Most recently, Kang's company helped to build a Hope School in an area where the students previously had to travel two hours to get to school. Kang points to photographs of himself, his family, and his employees posing with students at the school he helped to build in Shanxi. As part of another Hope project, beginning in 2004, Kang has continuously supported 27 poor students who he personally selected as the neediest children in that area. Every year Kang and his wife organize an event to meet with all their sponsored students.

When explaining his philosophy of helping those in need, Kang draws a diagram of a road, a visual image of a path through life. "When people are in school, it is very important to enable them to continue. If there is some kind of barrier, or some kind of sickness," Kang draws a slash, like a break in the lifeline. "and if you give them a little bit of help. just to get over this small thing in the way, they will be able to smoothly continue on their pathway of life." When asked what he would say to those who have not given to charity before, Kang laughs modestly. But he quickly picks up his pen to write on his paper again. He writes some characters and arrows. It's clear that he approaches problems in an orderly manner. "A lot of people say, well after I am successful in three to four years, the I'll give to charity," Kang says. "but by that time it may be too late. For people who are sick, or can't go to school, if you don't help them at that very moment, they won't ever get that opportunity again. You must not wait, you must help right then. There is a period at which people desperately need help and when that passes, they will never come to that critical point again."

Kang practices precisely what he believes, making charity a motivation for gaining profiles, rather than the other way around. "My company is quite small and we have only a small amount of profit." points cut Kang, "but we still have to use these profits to help others." He explains that he usually makes donations from March to June, a typically low period for donations. "A lot of other companies think, Well will see what our economics looks like at the end of the year and when we see our numbers we will try to figure out what we can give then," says Kang. "But at my company, we give money first, and then determine how we will get through the year. When you participate in this kind of giving, then you have the motivation to work even harder."

One of Kang's good deeds was so unusual that it was written about in many newspapers. A few years ago, an employee of Kang's company was seriously injured and partially paralyzed in a train accident on her honeymoon in Yunnan. Although Kang's company has no legal liability to her, he continues to pay her salary today, years after the accident. And Kang says without hesitation that he will pay her salary "forever". "She has a great personality," says Kang, "her parents have retired. and her husband has left her. If I didn't give her this money, maybe she would get an even more serious illness or even want to commit suicide." Recently, since this woman has recovered somewhat, Kang decided to give her some very light work so that she would feel useful and have something to do.

"This is about unity and the power of society," says Kang. "People should think to themselves; am I capable of helping anyone? That is the time to give. Even though I have a lot of difficulties, yet I can see others who have even greater difficulties. I am willing to sacrifice some of my things to help those who are even more needy. You have to have this kind of spirit and resolve."[3]

Human Respect

Dong han Kang puts a high value on faithful relationships with its employees as well as customers.

On Feb 2, 2005, one of Shanghai Shijing’s employees in financial department, Liying got into a car accident and became paralyzed. It happened on the first day of her honeymoon. Before long, she was divorced by her husband. Dong han Kang paid for all the medical costs and guaranteed her a lifelong employment and any assistance she needed, even though she could not work anymore forever.

File:Dong han Kang A level of Financial Accounting Corporation Recognition.jpg
Dong han Kang A level of Financial Accounting Corporation Recognition

Transparent Business

Shanghai Shijing International Trading Company has been always conducting transparent management honestly.

  • A level of Financial Accounting Corporation Recognition

Shanghai Shijing has always born law-abiding spirit, making our accounts and operation as transparent as possible. As a result, we have been awarded A level of Financial Accounting Corporation Recognition from Shanghai City Government and Tax Office over the years.

  • Certificate of the most creditable corporations (2010) from Institute of Shanghai Public Funds

Environment Protection

  • An Environmental Protection trip to Mogan Mountain

Shanghai Shijing International Trading Company organized an environmental protection trip to Mogan Mountain in April 12, 2013. Staffs take the initiative to pick up rubbish in the scenic spot which not only made the scenic spots cleaner but also enrich the meaning of this trip.

Main Products

  • 55% Aluminum Zine Alloy Created Steel
  • Aluminum Coated Steel
  • One side Aluminum Coated Steel
  • Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Coated Steel