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Doug Bayne is known for his exploits in animation, acting and writing. He has been made famous through his work on ABC television, namely Fly TV, Double the Fist and recently with The Chaser's War on Everything and triple j tv.

Between 1993 and 1997, Doug spent his time in Brisbane, Australia pursuing animation and theatre sports. In 1999, Doug met two other people, Craig Anderson and Bryan Moses, at the Tropfest film festival. Doug had entered a short animation, God saves the Titanic, whilst the other two had their entry, Life in a Datsun.

The three teamed up with another friend, Tony Walters, and in 2000 made a television show, Video Dare. The show was only a semi-success, and lasted one season, mainly due to complaints.

However in 2002, Doug attained a job producing the graphics for Fly TV. When the show was looking for hosts, Doug suggested that his friends do it, and due to a belief by the producers that they were too old, they wore fly masks over their faces. During the show, the group were required to create many short sketches for it. All was going well, and with the success of their work, they were given funding to produce a short comedy series.

Unluckily, before much could get underway, Fly TV was cancelled and the funding for the television series cut. But this was not to stop them. After using some contacts inside the ABC, they regained the funding for the show, Double the Fist, and it aired, late-night on Fridays in 2004.

Double the Fist was nominated for and eventually won an AFI award. However, benefits did not follow for the crew, and nothing was produced by them for some time. Since Doug was not well known, he remained unemployed until The Chaser approached him in 2006, asking him to do the graphics and titles for their new show, The Chaser's War on Everything. Doug accepted, and worked for them on all 28 episodes.

With the launch of triple j tv, Doug was employed again and became responsible for producing graphics and sketches, similar to those on Fly TV. He recently worked on the second series of Double the Fist (2008) and Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure.

Doug is now one of Australia's top corporate event performers, hosting events and conferences for the country's leading corporations (including Jim's Mowing, Bradley's Beard Creams and The Nabiac Decoupage Society).

He co-authors the web comic Oglaf along with Trudy Cooper.


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