Drago Vrhovnik

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Drago Vrhovnik

Drago Vrhovnik, Slovenian Businessman and innovator, *4 April 1949, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Owner of VD d.o.o, Natural Health Center, Tunjice, Slovenia, Institute for Sustainable Solutions and Bottling facility of Living Water Among his innovations and discoveries are a pendant for a healthy and energetic life, Living Water, Naturopaths, and the Tungaj Transformer for protection against electromagnetic waves.

Life and work

Drago was one of the first professional drivers of autocross in Yugoslavia and one of the few with a license to compete in other countries. He has a full closet of trophies for the many races he has won. After a few years of competing, he had an accident. For several years his arm would not heal. While digging the earth on his property in Tunjice, he felt a kind of warmth and tingling in his hands. He discovered a spring of water that anointed his hands and arms. The stubborn wound began to heal in just a few days. This strange phenomenon piqued his curiosity. After numerous clinical studies and measurements were taken, they revealed that this area of land lay directly above different energy centers each of which has a special curative effect on one or more systems of the human body and mind. This discovery led to decision to set up a holistic health center where this energy could be made available to any who wish to seek help in the most natural way. His company Natural Health Center, Tunjice was founded in September 1998. Infrastructure

  • 9 healing centers for self-treatment of numerous physical and psychological conditions
  • A training ground "GIBANOVA" for the young and physically disabled
  • A three-point frequency dome for individual therapies
  • A wellness center
  • A separate spring and bottling facility of Living Water
  • Representation of GDV technology (kirlian cameras)
  • Specialized innovatory center for alternative news, education and training, consulting services and technical assistance

Notable wok

A pendant to be worn as a necklace for healthy and energetic life

  • He received a gold medal at the International Fair of female KIWIE innovation in Korea, May 2008.
  • He received a special award for the development of innovations in Geneva, April 2007.
  • He received a special award for the invention of the pendant at the innovation fair in Nuremberg, Germany (IENA) in November 2006.

Living water

  • He received a bronze medal at the International Fair of female KIWIE innovation in Korea, May 2008.


  • He received a bronze medal at the International Fair of female KIWIE innovation in Korea, May 2008.
  • Received special recognition for innovations developed in the industry in innovation fair in Nuremberg, Germany (IENA) in November 2006.

Tungaj transformer

  • His newest invention, the Tungaj transformer won a gold prize in the International Invention Exposition in South Korea in 2008, and was certified as effective by independent, objective scientists from the Institute of Bioelectrophotonics in Germany.

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