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Duglas Alliance Ltd is a UK-registered company involved in the development and implementation of an energy project[1][2][3] in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The company has offices in the UK (London), Ukraine (Kiev), and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Malabo and Bata).[4][2]


Duglas Alliance was founded in 2009.[5][4] In 2011, it won a tender to construct a hydroelectric power station in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, on the Wele River near Sendje village: Sendje Power Station,[6][7] situated downstream of the Djibloho Dam.[6] Apart from Duglas Alliance, companies from China, Canada, Cameroon and Russia also participated in the tender.[no citations needed here] The company worked with design organizations in difficult climatic conditions, provided plant and machinery, and created an extensive supply chain involving over 100 companies around the world.[3][6]

In 2012, the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine) opened an office, headed by Duglas Alliance CEO Yuri Potiyko, in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.[8]

The company's engineers and builders have previously worked on projects including the Kan Don HPP and the Nam Chien HPP in Vietnam, the Deriner Dam in Turkey, the Shulbinsk and Bukhtarma HPPs in Kazakhstan, provided the operation of Dnipro HPP-2, and developed the design and working documentation for power plants in Ukraine, Belarus, Vietnam, Turkey and Georgia.[9]

In 2018, the Kyiv Post reported that Duglas Alliance had been awarded the project despite having "no experience in hydroelectric plant construction — or any industrial construction at all." The report connected Duglas Alliance with Yuriy Boyko, a controversial Ukrainian politician who was Ukraine's energy minister during a period of corruption scandals. It also highlighted payments made to an arms company, Infora Limited, owned by Duglas Alliance's founder, Yuriy Potiyko (who co-managed Boyko's 2014 campaign bid for Ukraine's presidency), and to three Lithuania-based companies with which Potiyko "could have personal connections". Completion of the project was delayed amid financial difficulties, as the original 447 million euros cost ballooned to 630 million euros.[10]

Work on the project halted for over two years between February 2016 and March 2018, when the Ministry for Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea announced an agreement had been reached with Duglas Alliance to restart work.[11] The project was visited by Equatoguinean politician Francisco Pascual Obama Asue in December 2018,[12] and by Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in March 2019.[13] In July 2019, the Regional Delegate for Industry and Energy thanked the firm for their efforts on the project.[14] By March 2020, Duglas Alliance had completed 70% of the hydroelectric power station's construction.[15]

Following the resumption of construction of the Sendje project, Duglas Alliance installed over 1,100 tons of hydraulic and mechanical equipment, started the construction of the channel part of the concrete dam and the installation of a cement curtain, as well as drilling and blasting operations on the outlet channel of the power station building. About 55,000 m3 of concrete were laid at all the main structures of the hydroelectric station.[9]


Today, the main activities of Duglas Alliance are:

  1. Management of construction projects;
  2. Engineering services;
  3. Design and survey work;
  4. Industrial construction;
  5. Trading in building materials and construction equipment.

Professional activities

Duglas Alliance is a corporate member of professional communities including the British Dam Society.[16]

Company staff participate in international conferences and write articles in international publications on hydropower.[6][17][18][19].[20]

Corporate social responsibility

In 2012, Duglas Alliance initiated an ongoing humanitarian project to educate Equatorial Guinea youth in Ukrainian universities.[21][22][23].[24]


Duglas Alliance partners in the implementation of projects are:

  • General Electric (USA),
  • LILAMA 10 JSC (Vietnam) [25]
  • CMVietnam (Vietnam) [26]
  • Alstom (France) [27]
  • AAC (Ukraine) [28]
  • PK Trucks (Holland),
  • Stucco (USA),
  • Zeppelin Baumaschinen Gmbh (Germany),
  • ISOMAT S.A. (Greece),
  • ABB (Switzerland),
  • Atlas Copco (Sweden),
  • SIMEM S.P.A. (Italy),
  • SM Fränkische Druckguss GmbH (Germany),
  • Danfoss (Denmark),
  • Ecosoft (Ukraine),
  • BIOTAL (Ukraine),
  • Sunrise Foodstuff JSC (Vietnam),
  • Trimo (Slovenia),
  • Wayne Fueling Systems (Brazil),
  • Manitowoc Cranes Group France SAS (France),
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur (France),
  • Putzmeister (USA),
  • VIDEX (Bulgaria),
  • Africa Supply (Spain),
  • Avago (Lithuania),
  • Betonstar (Turkey).


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