Dyar Al-Ashtari

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Dyar Al-Ashtari
File:File:DAA photo 2019.jpg
Residence Norway
Occupation Internet marketer
Known for Founder, Dyar Marketing Labs

Dyar Al-Ashtari is an entrepreneur and internet marketer. He is the founder of Dyar Marketing Labs and Pear AS, two search engine optimization companies based in Fredrikstad.[1] He was previously a freelance security researcher for YouTube when he was 16 years old.[2]


Al-Ashtari moved to Europe when he was six years old where he learned to program. He grew up in Fredrikstad and began his career as a freelancer in his teens. According to Al-Ashtari, he attended Noroff for two years at his parents' request, but left prior to graduating.[3]

Al-Ashtari was a YouTuber in his teens, developing and uploading free automation software for people to use online.[4] On a trip to the United States, he met with a YouTube employee and was offered an analysis job with the company. He worked remotely and developed a view-counting system for YouTube which kept video views from being manipulated.[4]

In 2012, Al-Ashtari was recruited by Next Series Development to work on search engine optimization projects for clients.[4] In 2013 he founded Dyar Marketing Labs AS. He is also the co-founder of Pivotflow LLC[5] and the founder of KapitalKassen.[6]


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