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George Edward Someus (born April 28, 1951) is a Swedish biochar engineer with core competence in added value pyrolysis processing of waste materials and carbon refinery, including biochar applied science and technology developments, concentrated Phosphorus recycling and valorization, biochar industrial engineering, commercial productions and applications. International scientific and industrial engineering expert in bio-waste and industrial scale biochar added value processing, valorization and reuse applications by pyrolysis and integrated biotech means for phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient recycling. Inventor of the 3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis technology original solution. Coordinator, project manager and key science and technology designer for EU FP5, FP6, FP7 and CIP Ecoinnovation carbon recycling projects since 2002. The specific work field of Edward Someus is from applied science and industrial engineering towards industrial scale up and large scale industrial biochar production with environmental and economical sustainable performance under market competitive conditions.

1. Life and career

1.1 1978–2002: Early life

Senior Swedish biochar engineer. Education: University of Lund in Sweden 1972 - 1978, graduated in 1978, M.Sc., Natural and Environmental Sciences. First generation laboratory biochar unit developed in 1983 for scientific bench scale tests (TRL technology readiness level 4 technology validated in lab). The second generation pyrolysis and biochar pilot plant scale up unit of the 3R is implemented in 1989 (TRL 6 technology demonstrated in relevant industrially environment) while third generation pyrolysis and biochar field demonstration plant scale up unit of the 3R is implemented in 2004 under EU FP5 programme and successfully field tested in ten years (TRL 8 system completed and qualified). Based on the previous field experiences, the fourth generation pyrolysis and biochar full industrial scale up and commercial unit of the 3R is comprehensive industrial engineered and designed 2009-2014, prepared for implementation of TRL 9 actual system proven in operational industrial environment and competitive manufacturing.

1.2 2002–2015: major EU RTD programmes

EU FP7 289785 REFERTIL – biochar/compost science and technology developments, EU28 standardization and law harmonization (roll: coordinator and key technology scientific RTD and industrial designer, agricultural and food industrial waste/byproduct recycling with core focus on concentrated phosphorus and nitrogen recycling, definition of EU28 improved compost and biochar standards for ongoing EU legislation harmonization to support the reducing of mineral fertilizers and chemicals use in agriculture by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bi-char products), 2011-2015.,,[1][2][3][4]

CIP Eco-innovation ECO/08/238984/ SI2.532247 (role: coordinator and key technology scientific RTD and industrial designer, phosphorus recycling) 2009-2012.[5]

EU FP7 211457 EUPHOROS (role: partner, spent rockwool and nutrient recycling from horticultural industry) 2009-2012.

EU FP6 PROTECTOR 514082 (role: coordinator and key technology scientific RTD and industrial designer, phosphorus recycling) 2005-2009.[6]

EU FP5 NNE5/363/2001 (role: coordinator and key technology scientific RTD and industrial designer, Clean Coal processing development and design for brown coal and biochar valorizations) 2002-2005.[7]

2. Science & Technology

2.1 Pyrolysis and biochar research and technology development

The core competence of Edward Someus is carbon processing, such as:

  • zero emission pyrolysis and torrefaction rotary kiln engineering design, known as “3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse technology;
  • pyrolysis oil refinery;
  • carbon biorefinery, incl. solid state fermentation and biotech formulation;
  • high concentrated Phosphorus recycling from animal bone such as ABC Animal Bone bioChar;
  • bio-energy processing of solid carbons and liquid bio-oils;
  • integrated pyrolysis thermal processing and soil biotechnology processing, where specific biochar carbons are used as biotech carriers.[8]

The key objective is the economical valorization of organic waste streams into added value products under market competitive industrial, environmental, ecological, soil, economical and legislative conditions in the temperate climatic zone countries. Important work element of Edward Someus is the European Union Fertilizer Regulation revision biochar policy development support and Government Authority official permitting of industrialized biochar process and products.[4]

Specific experience:

Three decades of experience Role
Pyrolysis and torrefaction zero emission processing of organic waste streams. Original solution inventor, 3R science and technology designer, industrial engineer and execution manager.
Biochar and soil biotech processing. Science and technology developer, industrial engineering designer and field implementation manager.
High concentrated phosphorus recycling (ABC Animal Bone bioChar), animal bone and rendering by-product recycling and added value processing for Organic Phosphorus fertilizer, soil improver, growing media and adsorbent applications. Original solution inventor, science and industrial technology engineering designer and field application execution manager.
Contaminated soil remediation. Technology designer and execution officer.
Pyrolysis oil refinery. Inventor, technology designer and execution manager.
Pyrolysis process electric and electronic process control. Technology designer and execution manager.

Edward Someus is combining high level of scientific knowledge with industrial engineering and field applications, specializing in the: research, technical development, engineering, permitting, industrial applications and implementation of the zero emission carbon refinery, low temperature carbonisation and torreafaction technology, for recycling and reuse of carboniferous materials by integrated thermal/biotechnological means. Specializing in the indirectly heated rotary kiln technique and auxiliary installations, such as off gas treatment and biofuel refinery, and soil biotechnology. Inventor of the 3R zero emission carbon refinery pyrolysis technology and carbon applications for soil improvements, including pyrolysis syngas processing, biochar solid state fermentation and formulation for enhanced and safe food crop productions.

2.2 Public image

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