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Elaine Bagshaw
Born (1985-12-16) 16 December 1985 (age 35)
Devon, England
Nationality British
Alma mater University of Birmingham
Occupation Politician
Years active 2014 – present
Political party Liberal Democrats

Elaine Bagshaw (born 16 December 1985) is a British Liberal Democrat politician, consultant and a member of the Liberal Democrat's Federal Board.

Personal life

Bagshaw was born in Devon, United Kingdom in 1985 and moved to London after studying political science at the University of Birmingham. Bagshaw now works as a consultant.

Political career

Bagshaw served two terms as chairwoman of the Liberal Youth.[1] At the age of 29, Elaine Bagshaw was the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2015 Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election, getting 2,152 (3,16%) of the vote share in the first round.[2][3][4] Bagshaw was the parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse in the 2015 General Election.[5], and also the 2017 General Election, where Bagshaw increased her vote share by 2,5%.[6][7]


Bagshaw opposes to opening new grammar schools, and said the following in 2016: “In this day and age, this is completely unacceptable.” [8] She proposes to “invest in public transport infrastructure and safe cycling routes to change people’s behaviour so that they’re no longer dependent on polluting cars for travel” when it comes to air pollution in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. [9]


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