Elbow pass (wrestling)

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The Elbow Pass is a wrestling move that began showing up in United States Wrestling around 2007. It is a tie up or rather a counter to a common wrestling tie up, the collar tie.

The goal of the Elbow Pass is to clear out of your opponent's tie and create an angle so that you can attack the legs of your opponent. It is a relatively simple move.


Here's a step by step guide to the Elbow Pass Wrestling Move.

  1. Wait for your opponent to collar tie.
  2. Cup the elbow of the arm that is on your neck.
  3. Pull the elbow in tight and shrug your shoulders to take his hand off of your neck.
  4. Lower your level.
  5. Pull Elbow down and across your opponent's body.
  6. Attack his legs with a single leg or High C.