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Emma Blackery
Born Emma Louise Blackery[1]
(1991-11-11) 11 November 1991 (age 30)[2]
Basildon, Essex, UK[2]
Residence Basildon, Essex
Education Bromfords High School[3]
Occupation YouTuber, musician
Years active 2011–present
Employer YouTube
Known for Comedy, Singing, Reading, Vlogging
Notable work(s) 'Distance' EP, 'Perfect' EP.
Height 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)[4]

Emma Louise Blackery (born 11 November 1991[2]) is a British YouTuber and musician from Basildon, Essex.[2] Her main YouTube channel has over 900,000 subscribers and over 65 million video views.[5]

Personal life

Emma Blackery was born and raised in Basildon, Essex. Her parents separated when she was thirteen, leaving her to live with her father. Blackery's mother went on to have another two children, Emma's younger siblings, Febe and Travis.[6]

Blackery attended The Bromfords School[3] and SEEVIC College. While at SEEVIC she studied A-levels in Government and Politics, English Language, Mathematics and I.C.T.

She is dating fellow YouTube content creator Luke Cutforth.


Emma Blackery first created her current YouTube channel, originally called "emmablackery" but renamed to "Emma Blackery", in May 2012. She changed it back to "emmablackery", in January 2015. She originally gained a following from reading 50 Shades of Grey on her channel, but these videos were later removed for copyright reasons.[7] Her most viewed video on this channel is "My Thoughts on Google+" with over two million views.[8][9]

She currently has three active channels on the site; a main channel,[10] a secondary channel - MoreEmma,[11] and a beauty/lifestyle channel - Boxes of foxes [12]


Emma Blackery's first EP was released before her YouTube channel began, it was called Human Behaviour,[13] Emma mentioned this in a video published on the 19th of November 2014, called "MY FIRST CRUSH? | Emma Blackery".[14] In July 2013 Blackery released her second EP, Distance, accompanied by a music video for the lead track, "Go The Distance". The music video was uploaded to her main YouTube channel and currently has more than 1,000,000 views.[15] The EP reached No. 1 on the iTunes Rock chart within the first week of its release.[16][17] Blackery released her third EP, Perfect, on November 11, 2014, her 23rd birthday,[18] and the song Perfect entered the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart at number 8.[19]


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