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Epic Signal is a social media advertising and marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing.[1][2][3] The company was founded by Brendan Gahan in 2013.[4][5]


Gahan worked in the advertising business for ten years, eventually as the director of social media at the agency Mekanism, prior to founding Epic Signal in 2013. Despite having a staff of only five, Epic Signal's early clients included PepsiCo, Bud Light and YouTube Advertiser's channel.[6]

In 2015, Gahan sold the two year old company to his former employer, Mekanism. According to Gahan, who stayed to run the company after the firm's sale to Mekanism, 30-40% of Epic Signal's workload remains independent from its parent company.[6][7]

Notable Campaigns

During a campaign for Mountain Dew, Epic Signal created the first ever branded multi-channel network, providing long-term contracts, production capabilities and digital rights management to YouTube influencers as a part of the partnership.[8][9]

Epic Signal's clients also include Starbucks, Amazon, Alaska Airlines, Zima and Pepsi.[2][10]

Awards and recognition

Epic Signal has been credited with being the first agency to get YouTube stars to be paid collaborators with certain companies, using their platform to promote the brands.[6]

In 2017, Epic Signal won two Shorty Awards for their work with Mountain Dew and Jack Link's Beef Jerky.[11][12] The company was also recognized as a Top 200 marketing agency in 2017.[13] That same year, the company won a Gold Pencil for Great Big Story's influencer series from The One Club.[14]


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