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William Eric Durchholz (born Patrick John Coleman, on June 25, 1972)[1]Template:Better source is an American psychic, a spiritual medium, and shaman. Durchholzis also a 3-D and multimedia graphic artist, former Internet radio host and author under the name Eric Durchholz as well as the pseudonyms Jaya Mangelou[2] and Beau Ratliffe.[3][4]Template:Primary source inline Currently residing in Chicago, he operates a channel on YouTube under his birth name Patrick John Coleman.[5] Durchholz has also worked as the manager of a comedy bar, The Funny Spot.[6]

Durchholz released his first novel, The Promise of Eden, through Concrete Books in 1999 and has since published several other novels and coffee table books. He has appeared on the Psychic Vampires Podcast and other shows hosted by Omni-Eros/Eris.

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