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Erika Grey (born August 1960), widely recognized as a Bible Prophecy expert,[1][2][3] is a Christian author[4][5][6] and commentator known for maintaining that Biblical texts accurately predict contemporary geopolitical developments, and, in particular, that certain texts have accurately predicted the rise of the European Union to great power status with a role to play in the end of time.[7][8][9]

Her teachings are geopolitical vs. conspiracy theorist, which are primarily taught in evangelical Christian circles.[9] Erika is best known for the term “geopolitical” which she used in relation to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.[10]

Grey authors The Magi Report, which analyzes the areas of end time prophecy fulfillment along with the geopolitical difficulties the end time predictions could present governments if they are true, and how they will cause future prophetic fulfillment. She has linked Donald Trump's opposition to the EU to biblical prophecy, suggesting that "with the new president will come a geopolitical shift and the EU will continue to move forward even to the surprise of some EU officials."[7]

Grey speaks on Christian radio programs around the United States and in Canada. Grey is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists[no citations needed here] and is a bestselling author of Christian books including End of the World: The Revelation Prophecy, which entails in-depth interpretation of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Erika’s other works include a secular book The Wind Cries Mary: Murders That Shook a Power Town, that took place in her home town New Canaan, Connecticut. The book revolves around a murder that impacted the community when she was a child and enlisted criminal profiler Greg Cooper, a protégé of former FBI special agent, John E. Douglas,[11] who was his professional mentor for many years.[12]


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