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Ernest "Ernie" Zerenner (born September 8, 1941) is an American entrepreneur and financial writer.

Early life

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Ernie has had a lifelong fascination with the stock market, building a successful portfolio. When retirement loomed, Ernie felt it was necessary to switch his investing philosophy from seeking capital gains to creating income from assets owned. So he turned to covered calls, an options trading strategy designed to generate consistent income.

Using a calculator and the financial pages, it took 8 to 10 hours to find good covered call opportunities. In an attempt to reduce the time required, Ernie and a colleague designed a program to scan the entire stock market and find the best covered calls. The time required to do the job dropped from eight hours to eight minutes. It was breakthrough technology that earned a patent and was the bases for a web site called that not only supports Ernie's covered call investments, it supports thousands of subscriber/investors in, at last count 57 countries all over the world.

In June 1995, Ernie was appointed by the Governor of Delaware to the States Science and Technology council. This council had the responsibility to develop the concept of "Advanced Technology Centers" for the State of Delaware and made recommendations on the disbursement of funds set aside in support of these Centers.

In 1990, Ernie was awarded the Marcel Golay award by the International Symposia on Capillary Chromatography.

Hewlett Packard

During a 30-year career at Hewlett-Packard, Ernie Zerenner forged a trail of achievement. He developed four patents, delivered six well-received papers, received an international award for his invention of the Fused Silica Column, and had an impressive list of industry firsts, including the first microprocessor-driven instrument in the analytical industry.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Power Financial Group is still the largest subscription program of Power Financial Group Inc., the trading company Ernie established in 1998. Today he continues to innovate and seek ways to help investors grow through options trading.


Protective Options Strategies - Married Puts and Collar Spreads

This book reveals strategies to generate consistent income and provide insurance, especially during times of financial crisis. In this new book, the topics of discussion include tips on entering protective strategies and the theories behind them, as well as selecting the right stocks and proper protective combinations for investing in volatile markets.

Learn in-depth methods to using married puts and collar spreads, both of which can be used to protect investments while preserving capital using options trades. Precise techniques, strategies, and concepts are delivered throughout the book, illustrated with charts and real world examples. This practical and easy-to-follow book is a must-read for those who are looking to increase profits by decreasing risk in their stock portfolios.[7]

Naked Puts - Power Strategies for Consistent Profit

An A-Z guide to naked puts, an income-generating stock options investment strategy. Selling naked puts is a conservative income-generating strategy that allows investors to earn premium on bullish and neutral stocks and is the best strategy to acquire stock at a discount.

Many books on options explain the techniques of this strategy, but then do not help in the management of the position once it is established. This book goes further and helps the reader understand how to manage a naked put position no matter what direction the stock might turn.[8]

Covered Calls - Aggressive Strategy for the Conservative Investor

Options trading helps you make money in an UP market, a NEUTRAL market and in a DOWN market. An options strategy allows you to operate with less risk, and rewards you with the potential of regular income. This book concentrates on COVERED CALLS, one of the most conservative of the options trading strategies. It is designed to bring new investors up-to-speed quickly, and to give long-time investors a fresh look at how they can improve their wealth-building capability.[9]

The Blueprint - Limited Risk Investing & Unlimited Profit Potential

Learn how to limit your risk in any trade. How to keep your upside open so that you literally have no profit limits. Use Income Methods 1 through 10 to "Bulletproof" your investments so there is no longer possibility of loss but still room to grow. Using Income Methods to augment your returns. Special instructions on how to set up a "bullet-proof" from the beginning trade that can play either side of the market.

  • Over 250 pages detailing step by step how to implement.
  • Ten Income Methods that pull REAL CASH out of a stock position.
  • Bulletproof...From the Beginning! Now wouldn’t that be nice?
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods.
  • Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table.[10]

Iron Condor - Neutral Strategy for Uncommon Profit

This book is your complete A-Z guide for trading Iron Condors. An Iron Condor strategy takes advantage of the stock market's favorite activity which is basically treading water. In general, the stock market doesn't do much more than make slight deviations in price from the previous day, week and month. Iron Condors perform best in this type of market environment and enables users of the strategy to generate income when other strategies fail to perform.[11]

Personal life

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