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It is the 4 times to the holidays take place in Roses, Spain. After 2010, 2013, 2015, its time to 2016. Golf Juan have take place 8 times. Roses is the second place where the holiday has occurred most often. Switzerlands and La Clusaz have would to host the event but Spain win. Barcelona would to participate at the big event of this summer.

Bidding phase

Template:Location map+ The Father would to pass a holidays in mountain. La Clusaz is the first to proposed a Bids for host. But the child would pass a holidays in an other country than France, Switzerland proposed a bids. Barcelona would to proposed a bids but all location is rent and the city is too far. But last years, all hould pass holidays 2 times in Roses, Spain, and take a bids.

The tree candidate cities, and countries, were officially presented to the LOC on 20 May.

The bids from La Clusaz, Switzerland and Roses were shortlisted for further consideration on 22 May, on 30 May the EBU announced that the winning bid will be announced "in due course" rather than 1 June.

Key Template:Colorbox Host venue

City Venue Capacity Notes
Template:Flag Roses Locations 4 Proposes to do lots of activities combining sun, sea and fun.

La Clusaz

Chalet 4 offered to do activities like swimming, hiking, visiting the region ...
Template:Flag Hotel, Chalet 5 Offers to visit a part of the Swiss, Geneva, Berne, Neuchatel, Lausanne and Nyon. Lake Geneva and the Alps.
2016 Vacancy host bidding results
City NOC Round 1 Round 2
Roses Template:ESP 4 6
La Clusaz Template:FRA 5 4
Geneva Template:CHE 2 -

Roses Bids

  • Polo
  • Pedestrian street
  • Venue
  • Beach


Vendredi 12

  • Départ.
  • Perdu vers Moulin.

Samedi 13

  • Resto l'Estrope.
  • Installation. Télévision en Espagnol, j'ai réussi a la faire marcher! Propriétaire vieux con!

Dimanche 14

  • Plage (coup de soleil).
  • Balade dans les ruelles, premiers achats (drapeau, carte postal zoé).

Lundi 15

  • Polo.
  • Balade, Rencontre Lucie Da Veiga.
  • Template:Flag drapeau acheter.
  • Cérémonie d'Ouverture.

Mardi 16

  • Global Immo.(Regarder vers Décembre, et pour réserver demander Lydia).
  • Sur la route Papa a engueulé quelqu'un, car il avait klaxonné papa «Ta gueule! tu vas la fermer ta gueule!».
  • Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag drapeau acheter.
  • Dans un magasin de Polo, Papa a fait voir un vendeur.
  • Dans un autre magasin, le vendeur interdit les chiens, Papa dit: «Les chiens sont interdit, venez ont se casse!»
  • Pizza, J'ai mangé la Moitier! de la pizza entière.
  • Plage.
  • Resto.
  • Template:Flag coincé, car leur véhicule est long et il se sont coincés. Papa a sauvé notre voiture d'une amende.

Mercredi 17

  • Roses Express. Calanques.
  • Balade dans les ruelles.
  • Template:Flag, Template:Flag acheter.
  • Bière Papa ressemble a de l'écume.
  • Papa m'a demander ou était le Tyrol et qu'on allait peut-être y aller!
  • Papa a dita un chien qui jappait:«Ta gueule! tu vas la fermer ta gueule!» et il n'a plus japper.
  • Papa avait une bouteille de roser à la mains et faisait semblant d'être soul. Et une grand-mère a fait a ses petit-enfant «Attention les enfants!».

Jeudi 19

  • Plage de Corail.
  • Pizza.
  • Rires a cause d'une imitation d'un Lama et d'une sèche.
  • Mer de corail, 2ème lieu magnifique.

Vendredi 19

  • Mer de Corail, plein de poisson!
  • Calamar Frites.
  • Papa a manquer rentrer dans un arbre.
  • Balade ruelles.
  • Resto.
  • Rencontre gens de Toulouse.
  • Une Dame soul danse.
  • Cérémonie de Clôture.

Samedi 20

  • Retour :'(


Friday 12

  • Departure.
  • Lost to Moulin.

Saturday 13

  • Resto the strop.
  • Installation. TV in Spanish, I managed to make it work! old owner con!

Sunday 14

  • Beach (sunburn).
  • Walk in the streets, first purchases (flag postcard zoe).

Monday 15

  • Polo.
  • Walk, Meet Lucie Da Veiga.
  • Template:Flag flag buy.
  • Opening ceremony.

Tuesday 16th

  • Global Realty. (Looking December, and to reserve ask Lydia).
  • On the road Papa yelled at someone because he honked dad "Shut up! you'll shut your mouth! ".
  • Template:Flag, Template:Flag, Template:Flag flag buy.
  • In a Polo store, Papa did see a seller.
  • In another store, the seller banned dogs, Dad said, "! Dogs are prohibited, come have breaks"
  • Pizza, I ate Moitier! of the entire pizza.
  • Beach.
  • Resto.
  • Template:Flag stuck because their vehicle is long and it got stuck. Dad saved our car a fine.

Wednesday 17

  • Express Roses. Creeks.
  • Walk through the narrow streets.
  • Template:Flag, Template:Flag buy.
  • Papa Beer looks like scum.
  • Papa ask me or was the Tyrol and we'd maybe go!
  • Dad dita a dog barking "Shut up! you'll shut your mouth! "and he has no bark.
  • Papa was a bottle of roser the hands and pretended to be soul. And grandmother made her a grandchild "Attention children!".

Thursday 19

  • Coral Beach.
  • Pizza.
  • Laughs because of an imitation of a Lama and dry.
  • Coral Sea, 2nd beautiful place.

Friday 19

  • Coral Sea, full of fish!
  • Calamari Frites.
  • Dad miss going into a tree.
  • Stroll streets.
  • Resto.
  • Meet people in Toulouse.
  • A Lady soul dance.
  • Closing ceremony.

Saturday 20

  • Back: '(
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