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In the fantasy media franchise Masters of the Universe, the Evil Warriors are a band of fighters led by Skeletor, who are antagonistic to He-Man. Many of these individuals are major characters in the series and have been marketed as toys.

Evil Warriors

Vintage toyline characters (1982–88)


Skeletor is the main antagonist of He-Man.[1] In the original illustrated books and in the Filmation series, Skeletor is an evil demon from another dimension. A later Mattel minicomic implies that he was once Keldor, brother of King Randor, which was in fact intended. The 2002 series and related materials confirm that Skeletor was once a man named Keldor, though the series itself established no familial connection prior to its cancellation, his connection to Randor was heavily implied. The later DVD releases of the series featured bios, confirming ultimately that the shows' creators conceived of Keldor as Randor's half-brother.

The only main difference between Skeletor in the cartoon, and the figure, is there is no green on his face in the cartoon, nor red glow in his eyes, unlike that of the figure. The original Skeletor figures wore boots designed for clawed feet. This feature was omitted in Skeletor and a number of other evil warriors in the Filmation series. Later, he was depicted with ordinary human feet with long, pointed toenails on them.[2]

Skeletor is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the 1980s series (recycling the voice he used for Ming the Merciless in Filmation's previous series Flash Gordon), Campbell Lane in the 1990s series, and by Brian Dobson in the 2002 series. In the 1980s live-action movie, Skeletor is portrayed by Frank Langella.


Panthor is Skeletor's evil feline companion, a giant purple panther who serves as an evil counterpart to Battle Cat.[3]

Beast Man

Beast Man makes his debut in Mattel's very first illustrated books as a follower of Skeletor. As the toyline expanded, he stayed at Skeletor's side. Beast Man is a mandrill-like humanoid with orange and red fur, who can telepathically summon wild creatures of Eternia to aid Skeletor's schemes.[4] He was frequently portrayed as a buffoon who could not do much correctly. The whip that accompanied the action figure rarely appeared in the 1980s cartoon but was frequently used in the 2002 incarnation as Beast Man's way of controlling the animals he summoned to do his bidding. In the 2002 series, Beast Man is far more ferocious and more of a threat to the heroes. He is a skilled fighter and often comes to the rescue of Skeletor and his fellow Evil Warriors, using his griffins as their most frequent means of transportation.

Beast Man is voiced by John Erwin in the 1980s series and by Scott McNeil in the 2002 series. Beast Man also featured in the 1987 live action movie where he was played by Tony Carroll.


Mer-Man is a fish-man who controls sea life, often depicted as the ruler of Eternia's undersea kingdom. The original action figure had unpainted gloves and boots, unlike the cartoon. The sword he used in the cartoon is different to the "fishbone" sword that the figure came with.[5]

Mer-Man is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the 1980s series and by Scott McNeil in the 2002 series.


Evil-Lyn is a malevolent sorceress, whose powers seem to be second only to Skeletor's. Exceptionally cunning, she's merely in Skeletor's ranks to suit her own ends. In the original series, she was not reliant on wands and other objects to generate her magic, although she has used such artifacts as the Shaping Staff to supplement her spectacular innate powers on a few occasions. She evinced shades of goodness in one or two episodes, such as 'The Witch and the Warrior', but her nature is essentially fiendish. There was nothing romantic in her relationship with Skeletor in the original Filmation series, unlike subsequent versions. Although her primary affiliation was with Skeletor, she would also venture out on her own and assist other dark lords such as Dark-Dream and Gorgon on occasion. She seemed to be the only one of Skeletor's evil warriors with the courage to raise her voice at him and chastise him.[4]

The original figure has yellow skin, although she is depicted in both animated series as having a pallid Caucasian flesh tone. In "The Witch and the Warrior," she removes her helmet for the only time in the series because of extreme heat, and has closely cut white hair. In an earlier episode she appeared to the Widgets as a blonde, but she was specifically using a magic spell to alter her appearance, even though she wore her usual clothing.

In the 2002 series, much more of Evil-Lyn's background is revealed, including the fact that her father, known as The Faceless One, is a powerful sorcerer who despairs of his daughter's choice to follow Skeletor. Although Evil-Lyn is shown to have her own agenda, she still maintains some loyalty to her bloodline ("The things I do for family", she mutters as she rescues the Ram's Stone from the abyss). Her first meeting with Keldor shows her as a young woman with collar-length white hair who is physically attracted to the man who would become Skeletor ("I like what I see," she purrs at Keldor). Later in the series, her hair is shown to be close cropped. This version of Evil-Lyn relied heavily on her magical staff to cast her spells. Without it, her powers were significantly diminished.

Evil-Lyn is voiced by Linda Gary in the 1980s series and by Kathleen Barr in the 2002 series. In the live action movie, she is played by Meg Foster.


Tri-Klops is a 3-eyed hunter and swordsman who can see in any direction.[6] His eyes, which are on a rotating visor around his head, have different abilities in different versions; one common ability is the power to see through solid objects with his "Gammavision". He is also able to see in the dark and over long distances with his Night-vision and Dista-vision eyes. In both the 1983 and 2002 cartoons, his eyes can also shoot energy bolts, although this is not commonly used in other material. Tri-Klops was one of Skeletor's chief henchmen, stoic and obedient, and was frequently featured in the Filmation cartoon.[7]

The 2002 version depicts him as Skeletor's irritable inventor, with some cybernetic features to his appearance. According to the book Mastering the Universe, "Tri-Klops was a good guy" (p. 120). The original toy's product subtitle carried on all packaging and advertisements was "Evil & sees everything". Tri-Klops has brown hair in the cartoon (the figure has black hair), the visor helmet has different shapes of eyes (square, circle and triangle, all white and red) in the cartoon. On the figure, one eye is light blue, one eye is white and red (green on the 200X and Classics figures), and one is a dark red; the edges of his armor are not as jagged in the cartoon, his boots are reddish-brown instead of black in the cartoon (only the figure's boots are black) and he did not wield the long sword in the cartoon (the sword only came with the figure).

Tri-Klops is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series and by Paul Dobson in the 2002 series.

Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw is a weapons expert and cyborg with a metal jaw, which can bite through anything.[8][9] In the mini-comic originally packaged with Trap Jaw, "The Menace of Trap Jaw", he is a villain from another dimension, which is invaded by Skeletor in an attempt to enter Castle Grayskull. While Skeletor attempts to weaken the Castle's defenses, Trap Jaw, who is being pursued by authorities, slams into Skeletor and knocks him back through the dimensional portal to Eternia. Back on Eternia, Trap Jaw emerges from the Castle connected to its power by a magical cord. Both He-Man and Skeletor attempt to defeat Trap Jaw, but eventually realize that they must join their halves of the power sword to be strong enough to sever the magical cord connecting Trap Jaw to the Castle. The comic ends with Skeletor carrying the unconscious Trap Jaw back to Snake Mountain where he will become one of his minions.

Trap Jaw's origin is very different in the 2002 comic series. Originally a minion of Keldor named Kronis, he was badly injured during a fight with the Council of Elders. He was then rebuilt into a cyborg by replacing his damaged humanoid arm and jaw with mechanical parts, renaming himself Trap Jaw. Later, the cartoon demonstrates that the more metal he eats the stronger he becomes, and one episode focuses on a quest to eat the strongest chemical element in Eternia called Eternium (which was forged and guarded by a group of subterranean dwellers called the Kulatuks). He is defeated by getting tricked into eating a special alloy named Deterninum that weakens him. Both cartoon series depict Trap Jaw as bold but coarse.

In the 1980s cartoon, his helmet, mantrap mouth, robotic arm and legs are cerise but his robotic arm and legs were black on the original figure; the figure's helmet and mantrap mouth are recolored purplish red. Whereas he had loads of arm attachments in the cartoon (again, most were colored cerise in the cartoon), the figure only came with three (claw, gun and hook) [these were also black]. His belt did not have the skull and crossbones (Jolly Roger) in the cartoon; this was only on the figure's belt. The figure had yellow eyes whereas he had normal eyes in the cartoon.

Trap Jaw is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series and by Paul Dobson in the 2002 series.


Faker is an evil duplicate of He-Man, created by Skeletor. The toy version is done in blue with red hair and orange torso armor, with the backstory that he is a robot duplicate that did not work out. In one annual, he is a deformed clone. However, in his sole appearance in the cartoon, Faker is a magical creation, identical to He-Man apart from glowing eyes and odd intonation.[10]

Faker is voiced by John Erwin in the 1980s series.


Jitsu appeared only once as a supporting character in "The Dragon Invasion" episode in 1983. The character's name in the script is Chopper, although he is not named on-screen. His role in this episode is to accompany Skeletor in an invasion of Castle Grayskull. He has only one line and aside from a brief display of his karate-chopping abilities (his right hand, which has the ability to smash through things, is gold rather than flesh) [one of those variations from cartoon and figure appearances], has no character development. He is not used in the series again, even when the toy figure was released in 1984, since the creators of the cartoon feared he would be seen as a racist stereotype to Asians.[no citations needed here]

The character appeared in the minicomic stories Hordak: The Ruthless Leader's Revenge! and Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde! The character was not used in the 2002 franchise relaunch, though was included in Series 6 of NECA's Masters of the Universe mini-statue line, and came with a pack-in figurine of Odiphus, which had originally been planned for release in 2005. Other variations with Jitsu from his animated and figure counterparts - the figure has a full goatee beard but, in the cartoon, he only has a Fu Manchu moustache and, whereas the figure has very brown skin, he is a bit whiter in the cartoon (his boots are even not black in the cartoon unlike those of the figure). Also, the Samurai sword that came with the figure was not included with the character in the cartoon.

Jitsu is voiced in the 1980s cartoon by Lou Scheimer.

Night Stalker

Night Stalker appears only in original mini-books. Some versions depict it as Jitsu's evil robotic steed while other versions describe it as the "reincarnation" of the heroic Stridor. The original toyline paired the robot horse with Jitsu, making the duo the evil counterparts of Stridor and Fisto.


Whiplash is an alligator-like creature using the tail as a weapon. He is one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors. He did not have the toys spear in the cartoon (this only came with the figure) and, like Mer-Man and Tri-Klops, the character was initially planned to be a Heroic Warrior.

In the 2002 cartoon, he is the younger brother of King Ceratus and betrayed his kind when he sided with Skeletor. This series revealed that he and King Ceratus are Caligars.

Whiplash is voiced by John Erwin in the 1980s series and by Garry Chalk in the 2002 series.


Clawful is a giant anthropomorphic crab with claws similar to a fiddler crab. Whereas the figure has swarthy skin and its boots are dark blue, he has all red skin and yellow boots in the cartoon (the mace included with the figure did not even appear in the cartoon).

In the 2002 series, Clawful is strong but has a childlike mentality and isn't very clever. Despite his constant blunders, it seems he is the only Master of Evil whom Evil-Lyn is fond of. In one episode we encounter more members of his race, who are more intelligent than Clawful. They can communicate with each other via long distances using the clicking of their pincers.

Clawful is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s cartoon and by Scott McNeil in the 2002 series.


Webstor is a blue-skinned creature with the abilities of a spider. A two-bit thief who resembles a goblin with a grappling hook in the 1980s series. In the 1980s cartoon, he never used the rifle included with the figure.

In the 2002 version, he is an Arachna, a spider-like race that are enemies of the Andreenids. He can spin webs, has spider-like legs, sprouting from his back, and multiple eyes.

Webstor is voiced by John Erwin in the 1980s series and by Brian Dobson in the 2002 series.

Webstor received a new action figure, as a part of 2009 Mattel's wave, who adhered quite closely to the design of his vintage predecessor, with the exception of his forearms and calves. The four appendages on Webstor's back, were based on his redesign for the 2002 cartoon series and could be easily removed, in order to give him a more original look. This toy also came with a rifle, removable armor and grappling hook, permanently attached to his armor and lacked a pulley mechanism, that allowed Webstor to "climb" the attached string, unlike his vintage version.

Webstor was voted No.3 in The 12 Coolest Masters of the Universe Action Features by Topless Robot.[11]


Screeech is a vicious, blue-and-purple barbaric bird that spies for Skeletor. He had a nasty temperament and missiles strapped to his body, who can used for aerial attacks against the Heroic Warriors. The character was initially a natural counterpart to Zoar, but while Zoar's role expanded as the franchise evolved, Screeech has largely remained a simple bird and is relatively obscure in all Masters of the Universe canons. The original Masters of the Universe toy line released Screeech both as a standalone figure and as part of a two-pack with Evil-Lyn. Little more than a repaint of Zoar, Screech came with a harness armed with missiles and a perch. The figure's curved toes were shaped in such a way that it could not stand freely, except on the perch or a person's finger. Like Zoar, Screech's thigh contains a button that pushes on its flexible wing assembly, to cause the figure's wings to beat.

In the 1983 cartoon, Screeech is purely robotic falcon, with a large computer screen on its chest, stored at Snake Mountain, until he is required for combat. His cries are so loud and painful, that the heroes were earmuffs to protect their hearing. His biggest weakness, are internal circuitry, susceptible to water damage from rain. Screeech, noticeably out of scale with actual falcons, first appeared in episode "Fraidy Cat", facilitating the plot point that Cringer must valiantly leap onto its back to escape Snake Mountain and warn He-Man of its impending attack. He later made only a two more appearance in "Visitors from Earth" and "The Toy Maker". It should be noted, that episode "Masks of Power", featured a robot raven with cameras for eyes, most likely Screeech's predecessor, spying for Skeletor.

In the Kid Stuff records, paralleling the relationship between the Sorceress and Zoar, Screeech was depicted as an alter ego for Evil-Lyn, who would use an incantation to transform into the vulture Screeech. In this form, she would fly off omissions for Skeletor. Similar to the Kid Stuff records, Screeech in the "The Sunbird Legacy" from Golden Book, was the alter ego of Evil-Lyn, who can hurl bolts of sorcery from her talons. Filmation's version of character, was also featured in a Ladybird's "choose-your-own-adventure"- style book: "He-Man and the Memory Stone".

Screeech didn't appeared in 2002 cartoon, being replaced by a bird-like levitating device called a Doomseeker, which is used by Tri-Klops to increase the range of his vision-powers and spy on the Heroic Warriors.

Screeech received a new action figure, being included as a part of Evil-Lyn Club Eternia 2010 release, being a repaint of the Zoar figure, that came packaged with Teela. He also came with armor and perch, with was based on the accessories from vintage Zoar and Screeech figures. An official bio for Screeech was not included with the original release of the figure and was later revealed on he-man.org in late 2018. Blended earlier incarnations of Screeech, the bio established him as native to the Dimension of Evil, summoned by Skeletor and obeyed only his commands, though it was tolerant of Evil-Lyn, who occasionally took on Screeech's form to spy on the other Evil Warriors. Beast Man could scarcely control Screeech, but his attempts to tame the demoniac bird did not go well, though he managed to arm Screeech with an arsenal of missiles. During a battle, one of these missiles malfunctioned, seriously injuring the creature, but Tri-Klops managed to save Screeech, by outfitting him with cybernetic parts and a laser eye. It is said that the barbarian bird fiercely hated Tri-Klops from then on. Eventually, Blade took an interest in Screeech and tried to train him. Although he was initially unsuccessful, Blade finally gained Screeech's trust after the sword-master belted Tri-Klops across the jaw during a heated argument.

Two Bad

Two Bad is an Evil Warrior strategist with two heads that constantly argue among themselves.[12] The UK comics name the two heads "Blue Face" and "Yellow Band".

The early figures had a more fully rounded back on the torso, but then the figures were released with more of a flattened back. He was never featured prominently in the 1980s cartoon because it was drawing to a close by the time his figure was released. However, his only prominent appearance in the 1980s cartoon was "Capture the Comet Keeper". This is because he was the replacement character in the episode working for Skeletor at Snake Mountain for Beast Man and Trap Jaw, who were going to feature in the episode, but Robert Lamb asked Arthur Nadel to replace them with Two Bad to make Mattel's newest figure releases more prominent in the cartoon. The shield included with the figure did not appear in the cartoon.

In the 2002 version, they were originally two bounty hunters named Tuvar and Baddhra who were recommended to Skeletor by Whiplash and who were magically fused together into one being by Skeletor after they failed to work together to destroy He-Man. Two Bad becomes one (or two) of Skeletor's Evil Warriors and appears throughout the remainder of the series among Skeletor's henchmen.

Two Bad is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series and by Brian Drummond and Mark Gibbon in the 2002 series.


Spikor is a humanoid covered in spikes, with a trident for a left arm.[13] He serves as Skeletor's blacksmith. His vintage toy, was released as a part of fourth wave in 1985. The figure featured a retractable trident in his left, a unique spiked torso arm and come equipped with an orange spiked mace. He was not featured prominently in the cartoon because his figure was released when the cartoon was drawing to a close. In the latter, he did not use the club that came with the figure; Spikor had normal arms in some episodes and the trident for his left arm in others.

Spikor received a new action figure, as a part of 2012 Mattel's wave, with spiked armor overlay over a standard male torso. Additionally, while the vintage figure sported either a solid black or a silver trident, the MOTUC figures trident was solid silver. This figure also came with orange mace, two different tridents, an optional red connector piece and a normal left hand, allowing for a variety of display options. His official The Masters of the Universe bio, depicted him closer to most of his comics appearances, instead of cartoon. Once as a blacksmith from the Eternian village of Nordling named Kleffton, he was fused with an enchanted suit of spiked armor and a mystic trident, when he attempted to steal a sacred scroll from the city's high priests. Banished from his home, he was eventually recruited by Skeletor, to battle against the Snake Men and to create a new weapons for the Overlord of Evil.

A third Spikor figure, based on his appearance in the Filmation cartoon, was released as PowerCon exclusive, in the fall of 2018. His spike were actually quite sharp, unlike Mattel's version, which featured soft rubber spikes with rounded tips. An only accessory given to him, was a redesigned club, who was never use in the cartoon by him. Even though the Filmation series, most frequently depicted Spikor with two normal hands, this version only came with his trident left hand. This toy, also had a different Spikor bio, written in consistency, of his portrayal in Filmation cartoon.

Spikor could be seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Second Ultimate Battleground" and "The Fall of Eternia part 3", on the battlefield among Evil Warriors.

Spikor is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series.

Spikor was voted No.10 in The 10 Most Unfortunate Masters Of The Universe Toys by Io9.


Stinkor is an anthropomorphic skunk with magical control over his own stench.[14] His action figure used the same mold as Mer-Man, wore the same mold of armor as Mekaneck, and actually smelled of patchouli oil, one of only three scented toys Mattel produced (the others being Moss Man and also Perfuma from the She-Ra line).[2]

In the 2002 version, Stinkor was once a Paeleezean named Odiphus who romanticized the lives of outlaws. The Sorceress tells that, in the time of the Great Unrest, Odiphus betrayed his people to Prahvus in the hopes of being accepted into the evil warlord's gang. Upon the warlord's defeat by the Sorceress, Odiphus was captured and about to be executed. The Sorceress intervened and Odiphus' life was spared, although he was exiled and retains a grudge against his people. His first appearance is in the Eternian prison, gleeful over Kobra Khan's escape, although he is not named at that time. Through serendipity, an explosion he caused while meddling in Tri-Klops' lab fulfilled his dream of joining Skeletor's organization. The resulting mutations caused the furry creature to gain height, muscle, and the ability to speak in a humanoid manner. His stench is so awful (even to himself, but especially to Eternia's dragons) that a special armored suit was created for him to keep the smell as under control as possible. Some stink still escapes the suit, causing Skeletor and the other evil warriors to cover their noses and to treat Stinkor politely in order to get him out of the room as efficiently as possible.[15][16]

Stinkor is voiced by Brian Drummond in the 2002 series.

NOTE: Stinkor was voted No.30 in The 36 Worst Action Figures From Iconic Toy Lines by Cracked.[17] Stinkor was voted No.7 in The 12 Coolest Masters of the Universe Action Features by Topless Robot.[18]


Ninjor is a red-eyed ninja warrior, who wears a black veil over the head and torso, shielding the whole face, apart from the eyes, from view. The cruel and skillful Ninjor, combines his great powers of stealth and silence with crafty shadow magic to accomplish his villainous tasks. His original figure featured a removable cloth shirt, hoodie and a spring-loaded right arm. This vintage toy, was one of the last figures, to be released in He-Man toyline sixth wave in 1987, so Ninjor was never featured in the cartoon, because his figure was released after it ended.

Although, being among the most obscure Masters of the Universe characters, Ninjor appeared in various comic book. He was first introduced in Mattel mini-comic "The Search For Keldor". Described as one of the most evil beings in all time and space, he was summoned, along with Scare Glow, from the Dimension Of Noir by Skeletor, to thwart the efforts of the Heroic Warriors from finding truth about Keldor's fate. Ninjor's key abilities in this story, are revealed to be stealth and silence, with help him attacks his opponents, by springing upon them unexpectedly out of the shadows. Another story that features Ninjor, was "Long Live the King" from Marvel/Star Comics, where he was magically summoned by Skeletor along with Blast-Attak. He immediately sensed his power and attempted to convince the newly arrived Blast-Attack, that Skeletor was truly his master. He later appeared during series finale "Lifetime", as one of the Evil Warriors in alternative future, where Skeletor now rules Eternia, with an iron fist.

Ninjor made a several appearances in UK MOTU comics, but mostly as a background character. A story that features him the most, was "Enter the Ninjor" in issue #11 of the UK Adventure Magazine, where he arrived with Scare Glow, in the same fashion as in the Mattel mini-comic, but he was send to destroy He-Man. Interestingly, this is an only story, where he wears a purple cloth and green hood. In MOTU Newspaper Strip, Ninjor is presented as a mercenary hired by skeletor to eliminate various Heroic Warriors. Unbeknownst to Skeletor, the ninja was secretly sent to Eternia across the millennia by the wizard Tyglar (who was actually a Hordak). Nijor wished to obtain Skeletor's Havoc Staff, a mystic weapon which was apparently forged by Ninjo's people long ago, but he ultimately failed. Ninjor also make an appearance in MOTU German audio plays, where he came to Ethernia through the Ghostgat in the Sands of Time, as did many other villains. He preferred to attack at night, when his black attire, made him nearly invisible to his enemies.

Ninjor received a new action figure, as a part of 2015 Mattel wave, where he was referred to as "Ninja Warrior". It was due to the copyright for the name "Ninjor" was held by Bandai at the time of this figure's release. Although his bio did make reference to his "other name" Ninjor. His new figure don't have a cloth shirt, who was replaced by a removable sculpted plastic shirt, which allowed for some additional detailing, such as shoulder straps and sash. He also have an alternative, swappable head, instead of removable fabric hood. His classic bio established that, Ninjor was summoned to Ethernia by Skeletor, to eliminate all of the Heroic Warriors one by one until He-Man no longer has any help in defending Eternia. His true motivation however has been kept secret from all. Even while serving Skeletor, he reports back to his true master, Horde Prime, detailing Skeletor's weak points and how to exploit them.

Ninjor could be seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Second Ultimate Battleground", but only as a background character on the battlefield.

Scare Glow

Scare Glow is a skeleton ghost warrior, who seems to have a solid but translucent body, and whose bones emit a strong glow which can intimidate even the bravest opponents. He wears a long purple cape, and there is a small crack on the forehead of his cranium. He carries a scythe, which is often called the "Scythe of Doom".

Scare Glow was introduced into the toy line in 1987. His action figure is notable for its 'glow-in-the-dark' special feature, the 'bones' glowing when positioned in a dark space.

Labeled as the "Evil Ghost of Skeletor," he refers to himself as the Ghost of Skeletor in the mini comic, Scare Glow was packaged with the mini-comic "The Search for Keldor". In this comic he is summoned to Eternia by Skeletor using a magic spell to call forth the most evil beings of space and time, although it is never stated which time period or dimension Scare Glow originates from. He is sent out with Ninjor on a mission to attack the Heroic Warriors with the power of his glow. He uses the glow to overpower Prince Adam, evoking in him so much fear that he is even too scared to change into He-Man. However, he is ousted from Adam's path by Clamp Champ, giving Adam the time to change into He-Man and subsequently defeat him.

Due to the fact that Scare Glow was never featured in the original Filmation cartoon, the action figure was released in the last series of the original toy line in 1987. As a result, due in part to the figures mysterious origin, it has become one of the most sought after and hardest to find figures by fans. Scare Glow was one of the last figures released. As fewer figures were selling by this late stage, less were produced, making it rarer as a result. On auction sites such as eBay, loose figures have been sold for as much as $100 and the mint condition never opened package (also known as Mint On Card or MOC) Scare Glow has been sold as high as $1,200 USD. The last version issued with the glow in the dark Halberd accessory (versus the more common Halberd made of non-glowing green plastic) is the rarest and hardest to find version of this figure.

Because he is one of the last figures to be released in Mattel's toy line, Scare Glow never appeared in the accompanying cartoon series, which had been discontinued by this time, and his appearances throughout all media are minimal. Another story that majorly features him is "Enter the Ninjor" in issue #11 of the UK Adventure Magazine, which gives him an origin as a being of pure light energy, created by Skeletor in his own image. Invisible in the light, but not in the dark, he is sent out with Ninjor to mount a series of silent, unseen attacks on He-Man and Fisto as they explore Viper Tower. His origin as a magical creation of Skeletor is taken from a promotional card provided by Mattel to the publishers of various story media. A similar story of Scare Glow coming from another dimension summoned by Skeletor is told in an issue of Marvel's Star Comics, Masters of the Universe series.

Although he is not featured in the 2002 relaunch of the Masters of the Universe franchise, Scare Glow is used in the comic series from MV Creations. He is featured in a special Halloween comic "The Power of Fear" that was given away free at the 2003 Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF) fundraiser, and sold in comic shops to raise additional donations to the CAAF. The story features Scare Glow as a character from another dimension who is summoned by Skeletor to use his powers against the Masters.


Twistoid is a cybernetic warrior with no legs, whose lower body is shaped like a spinning top, enabling him to twist along the ground at super-speed. This enables him to trick opponents and easily dodge attacks. He was one of the last figures to be released in He-Man toyline's sixth wave in 1987, basically being an evil rival to the heroic character of Rotar.[19] His first figure was essentially a spinning top, so by running it's tip along a smooth surface and letting it go, the figure would spin freely. Twistoid did not appear in the cartoon because it ceased production before his figure's debut.[2]

For years, the only official medium to feature Twistoid, was the Mattel mini-comic "Energy Zoids". In this story, Skeletor stole the blueprints for the Gyro Machnie, who Man-At-Arms used to create Rotar and used the machine to create an Energy Zoid's robot. Skeletor initially intended to use the machine, to create an army of robots with, but he only succeeded in creating Twistoid, before his plan was foiled by He-Man and Rotar. His later The Masters of the Universe Classics toyline bio, portray him in consistence with his minicomics appearance, further established that Twistoid faced off against his nemessis Rotar, during Second Ultimate Battle. Although being destroyed by his counterpart, his robotic brain managed to survive and was later transferred to Evil Warriors's vehicle, Roton. In his new form, he become a self-awere war machine serving in Skeleteen's evil forces.

A new Twistoid figure, was released by Mattel together with Rotar, in a 2-pack exclusive on San Diego Comics Con 2015. This version lacked the spinning top action figure of his predecessor, but he was given an optional set of legs, who could be attached to his lower torso, after popping off the orange, lower portion of his figure. He also received a base, that allowed him to stand upright and updated version of his "hatchet-whipper".

Twistoid made one more official appearance within MOTU canon, being seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Second Ultimate Battleground", but only as a background character on the battlefield.

Twistoid was voted by Mania.com as the seventh most Crazy Masters of the Universe Figures.[19]


Blast-Attak is a robotic warrior built as a walking time bomb. After a set period of time, he will explode and cause immense damage before reforming, unharmed. He did not appear in the cartoon because it ended before his figure was released. There is some debate over which faction he belongs to, as the Mattel style guide and the original toy packaging state that he is an Evil Warrior of Skeletor, whilst some comics depict him as a member of the Snake Men serving King Hiss. The Masters of the Universe Classics toyline designates him as a Snake Man.


Blade is a master swordsman and bounty hunter with an eyepatch and completely bald head. His swordsmanship can rival He-Man's. He appears in the 1987 movie, the mini-comics and the Marvel comics. Originally Tri-Klops was going to appear in the movie instead. Like Tri-Klops, his toy is sometimes mistaken for a Heroic Warrior due to his human appearance.

In the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, Blade started out as a pirate from the Kylax System who was transported to Eternia by Skeletor. He agreed to help Skeletor at the right price.

He was portrayed by Anthony De Longis in the 1987 live-action film.


Saurod is a reptilian who can emit sparks from his mouth.

He is featured in the 1987 movie assisting Blade, Beast Man, and Karg into retrieving the Cosmic Key. Originally, Mer-Man was slated to appear the movie instead of Saurod, but Mattel would not allow the filmmakers to kill off a character they had created. Saurod is vaporized by Skeletor as penalty for the group's failure. He does not speak in the movie and his name is pronounced by Evil-Lyn as "Saraad" rather than 'Saw-rod".

His action figure has been the source of controversy with claims that it should not be given to a very young child because the sparks that come out of his mouth are a potential fire hazard.

In the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, Saurod's bio identifies him as C'Ngrel Chouluth, a Klybian Lizard Man from the planet Draphnos who rode a meteor shower to Eternia after escaping from Prison Starr. As one of the three reptilian species that were spliced with Snake Man DNA, Saurod became an enemy of King Hiss and sided with Skeletor. It was stated that during the Second Ultimate Battleground, Saurod slew Sssqueeze and Snake Face. Saurod also tried to steal the Cosmic Key from Gwildor to go back in time to prevent the dilution of his species.

Saurod is portrayed by Pons Maar in the 1987 live-action film.

Evil Meteorbs

Meteorbs were originally a Japanese toyline of transforming eggs from Bandai, called Tamagoras. Mattel released them in the USA in 1986, as part of the Masters of the Universe line, at the attempt to get in on the transforming toy craze. They gimmick was fairly simple and didn't require much effort to transform them, from their egg-forms into animals. These Meteorbs are portrayed as egg-shaped living comet creatures and renegade members of the Rock People, who can fire destructive laser beams from their mouth. Because the Masters of the Universe had by then passed its peak, the Meteorbs primarily appeared very rarely in the franchise's fiction. Only two Meteorbs, Comet Cat and Dinosorb, appeared in a single episode of She-Ra, "Assault on the Hive". All Evil Meteorobs appeared in the second issue of Marvel/Star comics MOTU comics "Falling Stars", where they came to Ethernia in pursuit of Rokkon. After brief fight with He-Man and Orrko, they eventually allied themselvs with Skeletor. Although, they were fully sentient and capable of speech, they were portrayed in the story more as pets, rather than equal members of the Evil Warriors.

  • Rhinorb - An evil rhinoceros with a horrible ramming horn. He has sort of a spotlight during page 10 of the Star comic, showing that he can shoot rays from his eyes and that his indestructible armor is more than a match to the Power Sword.
  • Orbear - An evil grizzly bear who bashes enemies with his claws. He is the least characterized of the Evil Meteorbs in the Marvel/Star comic, having no lines and exhibiting no unique powers, yet he appears in all crowd shots of the Evil Meteorbs.
  • Gore-Illa - An evil ape with monstrous muscle power. Some of his lines in the Marvel/Star comic seem to suggest, that he is the leader of the Evil Meteorbs, but despite of some strategic observations he never gives any direct order. In meteor form, he can emit solar energy as electic bolts.
  • Dinosorb - An evil brontosaurus who stomps his feet to start earthquakes. He has a fire breath in the Marvel/Star Comics, and he shoots it in tandem with Crocobite. Two Dinosorbs, appeared in one episode of She-Ra.
  • Crocobite - An evil crocodile with crushing jaws. He seems to be the leader of the Evil Meteorbs in the Marvel/Star comic, where he also has a fire breath that he shoots in tag with Dinosorb. He is the first Meteorb in comics, who have a speaking line.

Modern toyline characters (200X)

Mutant Warrior

The Mutant Warrior was the only all-new toy-made character from the 2002 toyline until the appearance of the King Grayskull figure. It is a skeleton monster, with a hollow chest which can be filled with slime. It was included with the Mutant Slime Pit playset.

Classics toyline characters (2008–2018)


Exclusive to the Classics toyline, Gygor is a super-strong gorilla-like creature with yellow fur and green skin who is the Lord of the Vine Jungle. Shortly after the Great Unrest and Keldor's forces being driven behind the Mystic Wall. Gygor led an army of beast men in a series of raids against the long forgotten Castle Grayskull, believing the many tales of its great and mysterious power. It was only through the combined powers of Oo-Larr (the jungle He-Man) and the Goddess that Gygor was defeated and placed in a state of suspended animation. Eventually, Hordak returned to Eternia and Gygor was freed by Evil-Lyn in her attempt to bolster Skeletor's forces against the new Horde army.

Gygor toy is based on an unproduced prototype from the vintage Masters toyline from an early 1980s. Back then, he was just a reuse of the gorilla form Big Jim toyline, only painted yellow and fitted wit Darth Vader-like armor. This toy, never past prototype stage, but Mattel revisited concept and finally give Gygor a proper release in 2010. Most of his parts, were later re-used for the Shadow Beast figure in 2011.

Gygor actually made an official appearance within MOTU canon, being seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Second Ultimate Battleground", but only as a background character on the battlefield. In the contrast, of his official toy bio, he was presented as a member of the combined forces of Evil Horde and Snake Men, instead of Evil Warriors.


Originating in the Filmation cartoon, Icer is Skeletor's northern agent, with an eskimo-like appearance and an ice-blue body, who can freeze any objects and individual, camouflage himself and dissolve into water, to get under tight spots. He only appeared in episode "The Ice Age Cometh", which involved him raiding an arctic base to steal an invention that was guarded there. Warm temperatures appeared to be his greatest weakness. He was voiced by John Erwin in a cold, monotonous voice, which made for an interesting contrast with his surprisingly witty and often humorous dialogue.

Icer did not have a toy made of him until the collector-centric Masters of the Universe Classics series. His body figure, was cast in a blue plastic, that was somewhat translucent, giving him a subtle, ice-like quality. According to his action figure bio, Icer is a master of controlling cold weather, from the outskirts of Stillia in the Ice Mountains, recruited by Skeletor, after he realizing a need for evil agents in the North.

Fang Man

Originating in the Filmation cartoon, Fang Man is a blue skinned, musclebound reptilian, with piercing teeth and mind-control ability to manipulate fire-breathing species, like dragon-like creatures called Dragosaurs. The series bible, also described him as a "poison-spitting reptile", who can "breathe a sleeping gas". He was possibly created, as the prototype of Kobra Khan of the Snake Men, who was released as a figure, as he can squirt mist from his mouth. Fang Man only appeared in one episode "The Time Corridor", being voiced by Lou Scheimer. In this episode, he accompanied Skeletor to Eternia's past, where he was apparently left with Tri-Klops and was never seen again, yet Tri-klops appeared later a lot of times in the show.

For years, his race was unknown and some sources state, that he is a Snake Man known as Fang-Shu. The rumor finally was dismissed, when his Masters Of The Universe Classics bio revealed, that he is actually a part of a species evolved from the ancient Dragosaurs. The bio also revealed, that Fang Man real name is Scutes Ignis and he was recruited by Skeletor, after he discovered Fang Man ability to control dragons. In consistence with his cartoon appearance, the bio states, that after being abandoned by Skeletor in past, Fang Man become a resident on Dragosaur Isle with his ancestors, where he start awaited the return of his master.

He did not have a toy made of him until the Collector-centric Masters of the Universe Classics series. He's action figure mouth was rubbery and tongue was mounted and o swivel joint, that he could slide past the fangs, in order to hang out of either side of Fang Man mouth or straight ahead. His action figure also came with "Face Field Rod" accessory, who didn't appear in any prior media, but was instead based on the weapon, held by Fang Man on the character's model sheet, used by animators of the Filmation cartoon series.


Originating in the Filmation cartoon, Batros is an anthropomorphic bat, who resides on the dark side of Eternia and can unleash an energy web from the weapon on his arm. He has helped Skeletor out, although he is generally an independent villain and will not officially ally himself with any evil team. He only appeared in "The Great Books Mystery", being voiced by Lou Scheimer (credited as Erik Gunden). In this episode, he hatched a plan to steal all the books from the ancient archives of the Royal Palace, which he hid in a secret chamber within the Temple of the Sun. His activities were later uncovered by Skeletor, who intended to recruit Batros into his ranks. Batros intended to displace Skeletor and become his master, but he was easily overpowered by Lord of Destruction. Eventually, he agreed to serve Skeletor and finding a means of entry into Castle Grayskull. During a fight with He-Man, Batros was ultimately thrown back by him, to the dark side of Eternia and was never seen again.

The symbol over Batros chest, straps strongly resembles the Evil Horde's red bat-winged insignia and his wings, which hang like a short cape, could be reminding of the cape on the Hordak. That and the fact that an origin episode for the Sorceress featuring 3 aliens wearing Horde uniforms, and flying in Horde ships leads many to assume that he may have been one of several teasers for the upcoming She-Ra: Princess of Power series.

Batros was a third of six figures in the 2013 "Club Filmation" subscription, who came with separately-sculpted, removable collar, similar to his harness. Despite the fact, that Batros didn't carry any weapon in cartoon, his figure also came with single accessory, with was a repainted Spikor cub. His bio in Mattel toyline, was written in consistency, of his appearance in Filmation cartoon. The bio also stated, that Batros is a member a race of half-man, half-bat pirates from Dark Hemisphere and a dark mercenary, trained in the art of thievery, who despised cooperation, but pragmatically opted to work with Skeletor, to improve his chances of seizing the Powers Of Grayskull for himself.


Originating in the Filmation cartoon, Strongarm is a cyborg with a powerful and extending right arm, with strength that can rival He-Man's. Capable and competent, he delighted Skeletor with his intelligence and ingenuity. He only appeared in "She Demon of Phantos", being voiced by John Erwin.

Strongarm was intended to be in "The Dragon Invasion" and on the early sketches, he was originally called Chooper. In the end however, he was replaced by a different character, who was based on a Jitsu action figure.[20] Strongarm was also intended to be a regular character, but was not used again.

Strongarm did not have a toy made of him until the Collector-centric Masters of the Universe Classics series where he was referred to as "Strong-Or." It was due to the copyright for the name "Strongarm" was held by Hasbro at the time of this figure's release. Although his bio did make reference to his "nickname" Strongarm. In order to replicate Strongarm ability to stretch his mechanical arm, his figure came with two swappable right arms, one short and one long. His bio in Mattel toyline stated, that Strongarm was originally Dalmus Fu, a photanium mines worker on Phantos who lost his right arm and parts of his face when a mechanical press folder malfunctioned. After being banished from Phantos by Queen Elmora for the photanium thefts where he used some of them to build a new face and right arm, he sided with Skeletor.


A fire-breathing half-human, half-dragon man with flame weapons, Draego-Man is one of Skeletor's newest Evil Warriors. After being shunned by Granamyr, Draego-Man sided with the people of Eternia. After the Truce of the Three Towers, Draego-Man became so disgusted with the humans that he chose to isolate himself within the Caverns of Rakash. Many millenniums later, Draego-Man came out of hiding where he sided with Skeletor in his plot to enslave the dragons and use them in the Evil Warriors' attack on the Royal Palace of Eternia.

Exclusive to the MOTU Classics toyline, he is also the only entirely new character that the Four Horsemen have created for Masters of the Universe.[21] His action figure, came with not removable armor and flaming sword, with originally supposed to be one of his four accessories, but other weapons were deleted, for budgetary reasons. All of them however, were in 2012 released, in third Weapons Pack (Great Wars Assortment), with include: unlit version of Draego-Man's Sword, flaming whip and a shield with a removable flame border.

Draego-Man made an official appearance within MOTU canon, being seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Second Ultimate Battleground" and "The Fall of Eternia part 3", on the battlefield among Evil Warriors, in consistence of his action figure bio.

Goat Man

Goat Man was originally a humanoid warrior with devilish-looking goat head, who appeared in the vintage Golden Book, titled Secret of the Dragon's Egg. The story did not give him a much of personality and presented him as a savage, non-speaking minion of Beast-Man. In 2014, despite being a rather obscure, one-shot villain, Goat Man became the first, and so far only character created for the vintage Golden Books, who received an action figure in Masters of the Universe Classics.

According to his action figure bio, Goat Man real name is Klacky and he is a member of the G’hoat Men from the Northern Mountains, where his kind are one of the only intelligent upright races that is susceptible to the hypnotic powers of Beast Man. Like most of his species, Klacky was captured by the rulers of the Vine Jungle and simply called "Goat Man" by his beastly masters. Eventually, he found himself in the service of Beast Man and was forced to serve in the Second Ultimate Battle. Here, he was severely wounded by Buzz-Off and left at the foot of Central Tower. Crawling inside, Goat Man fell into a time portal and was transported to the future arriving on Eternia when King He-Man ruled the land and his son Dare wielded the Power Sword. Forced to serve an aging Beast Man in this new time, Goat Man is forever following whatever evil orders he is given.

Goat Man made one more official appearance within MOTU canon, being seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Fall of Eternia part 3", on the battlefield, among Unnamed One and Skeleteen forces.


Karg is a grey-skinned, white haired and yellow-eyed, half-human, half-bat minion of Skeletor with a hook for a hand. Karg commands Skeletor's Robot Centurions. He appeared in the 1987 live-action movie in a role that was originally intended for Trap Jaw. He also appeared with other movie-created characters, in MotU comic called "Blast From The Past" from eleventh issue of US MOTU Magazine.

For years, unlike Blade, Saurod and Gwildor, Karg did not have a toy made of him, in vintage toyline and Mattel did not have the rights to produce a Karg figure in MOTUC. Finally in 2018, Super7 delivered his figure, although the toy was based on Karg appearance in the Masters of the Universe magazine, where he was depicted with green skin, blonde hair and red eyes. In the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, Karg is described as a determined bounty hunter, known for his tracking skills and Skeletor twisted interrogator of Snake Mountain. His bio also mention, that he at some point, developed a disturbing fascination with Lieutenant Andra, from Eternian Royal Guard, who eventually defeated him and send to Prison Star.

He was portrayed by Robert Towers in the 1987 live-action film.


Mo-Larr is a relentlessly dedicated to his craft, Eternian Dentist. He was created by writers of comedy show Robot Chicken, making his debut in season two, in a segment called "Mo-Larr", voiced by Michael Ian Black. In the episode, Mo-Larr chased down Skieletor and relieved him of an impacted wisdom tooth, sans numbing agent. His name is a pun on "molar", one of five (molar, pre-molar, canine, lateral incisor, and central incisor) different types of teeth.

Although originally created as a joke, Mattel paid homage to his segment, by releasing an exclusive 2-pack of Mo-Larr and Skieletor at San Diego Comic Con in 2010. Mo-Larr also received a Masters of the Universe Classics toyline bio in the encyclopedia, which also gave him a name Dr. Moe Larrstein. He actually made one official appearance within MOTU canon, being seen in Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics "The Fall of Eternia part 3", on the battlefield, among Evil Warriors.

Hover Robots

Also known as Robot Knights, Skeletor used dozens of these floating mechanical minions to bolster his Evil Warriors. Their claw-like hands could spin like saw blades, but they were no match for the might of He-Man. Created for the Filmation cartoon, a set of three Hover Robots action figures will be released in 2015.

Movie exclusive villains

Created for the 1987 live-action film, none of these characters had toys made of them.

  • Pigboy (portrayed by Richard Szponder) - Pigboy is a diminutive minion of Skeletor, with beady eyes and a piggish snout, wore a hooded cape and robes. He was used as a weapons holder for Havox Staff and acted as a servant for Skeletor in the movie. Pigboy was played by third grader Richard Szponder, who won a Mattel's contest to be in the movie. In the notes for his design, he was named Mata-Shai, however in the film's credits he was called only as Pigboy. So far, he never received any toy made of him.
  • Robot Centurions - A group of robots that serve as Skeletor's foot soldiers in the 1987 live-action movie.
  • Comtechs - Comtechs are a group of computer technicians who serve Skeletor. They only appear in the live action movie and were not referred to by name nor credited. A character who may or may not be a Comtech appears in the 2003 comic "Icons of Evil: Tri-Klops."

Villains featured in other media

Villains created in other mediums. None of these characters had toys made of them (or at least of their different versions, covered below).

Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha is a human leader of secret spy ring, serving Skeletor in exchange for payment. After witnessed the powers of the new Heroic Warrior Clamp Champ, he gathered his spies and decided to capture them for a big reward. In the end, Clamp Champ overpowered Agent Alpha and his spies, bringing them to Eternos City to face justice. He appeared only in MotU comic called "Champions and Kings" from UK Comics Magazine #48.


Andros is the leader of a group of ram-like warriors under Skeletor's control on Eternia. He is a very primitive warrior, and has as much intelligence as the rest of villains that serve Skeletor. However, he managed to captured Captain Hydron and Lieutenant Flipshot, when they time traveled to Eternia, and delivered them to Snake Mountain. Andros was created exclusively for New Adventures of He-Man cartoon, and appeared only in the first episode "A New Beginning", voiced by Garry Chalk.

According to James Eatock: "The reason for this character's appearance is more than likely because those working on the show were unable to use existing Filmation villains, or were deterred from using characters like Beast Man who were based on old action figures."[22]


Climato is a demonic weather wizard from the Stormworld, who could manipulate all aspects of weather. He was summoned by Skeletor to wreak havoc on Eternia and later assisted Skeletor during an assault on Castle Grayskull. He was ultimately banished back to his reality by Skeletor, who mistakenly thinks Climato was attacking him, after he almost hit him by one of his thunders, during the fight with He-Man and Moss Man. Climato has appeared only in MotU comic "Weather Wars" from UK Masters of the Universe Adventure #5.


Darkspy is a mysterious being, who apparently exists in another dimension. Somehow obtain a powerful artifact called the Wheel of Infinity, he later delivered them to Skeletor, through a dimensional gate. Speaking in a deathly voice, he was never fully revealed and named in the episode, but he is referred to as Darkspy in the script. He only appeared at the beginning, of a single Filmation cartoon episode "The Time Corridor", being voiced by Lou Scheimer (credited as Erik Gunden). Some people believed, that Darkspy was always supposed to be just a glowing mass, that resembles a portal, but the script of the episode described him as a "shadowy demon". According to James Eatock: "the director opted to simplify the character design and the shadowy elements were completely removed".[23]


Dragoon is a large, winged, overbearing, dragon-like warrior, with commanding personality, able to breathe fire and also manipulate the flames into a ring to surround and trap an opponent. He only appeared in a single Filmation cartoon episode "Dawn of Dragoon", being voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. In this episode, he was sent to Trolla by Skeletor, in order to capture and then drain the energy of the magical Trollan people so that the energy could then be sent back to the Lord of Destruction. He was eventually confronted by Orko, He-Man and Battle Cat and during the fight with last two, he accidentally got pulled himself into the bottomless hole, where he got caught on a tiny ledge. After his opponents saved his life, confused Dragoon start wondered if saving lives was better and He-Man encouraged him to think it over instead of continuing to commit acts of evil. It seemed that Dragoon had realized the error of his ways and will probably joined the force of good, but since he never made another appearance, his final fate remains unknown.

In the ending to the original script for episode, Dragoon charged at He-Man and fell into the Bottomless Hole of Trolla, to his apparent death. After that, He-Man and Battle Cat only briefly mused about Dragoon's fate and leave. This was story-boarded but eventually changed, so that He-Man would heroically come to Dragoon's aid.[24] The character model for Dragoon, was used again for the Dark One, from She-Ra: Princess of Power episode: "Into the Dark Dimension". There is no confirmation, about any potential connections between this characters.[25]


Kratos is an elderly human inventor, specializing in metals and magnetism, who invented a flying machine called the Magnetron, which attracted iron to itself. He approaches Skeletor trying to convince him, that a machine he has invented will defeat He-Man. Although ridiculed by Skeletor's minions at first, he convinced Skeletor of his inventions potential, after he attracted Trap Jaw's metal body to it. He managed only to capture Man-At-Arms, before rest of heroic warriors destroyed his machine. Kratos has appeared only in MotU comic called "Menace of the Magnetron" from the sixteenth number of UK Egmont MOTU Comic Magazine.


Mala is a collaborating with Skeletor witch, who pretended to be a well-meaning sorceress, moving in a rack wagon pulled by a unicorn. She manage to obtain Teela's Trust and friendship, eventually tricking her, in stealing He-Man's Power Sword. However, she was stopped by Orko, from bringing the sword to Skeletor and forced to back to Snake Mountain empty handed. Mala has appeared in one episode of MOTU German Audio: "Teelas Verrat" (Teela's Betrayal) voiced by Marianne Kehlau.


Megator is a green-skinned giant from Preternia. He was originally designed for new Mattel's line called the Powers of Greyskull, which would feature toys based on a storyline, taking place in Eternia's past. While the line as a whole was cancelled, two figures - Megator and Tytus, were given a limited release in Italy. Megator was unofficially recognized as "Evil Warrior" by some people, despite his backstory and box art, which depicts him in battle with He-Ro and describes Preternia. Later, the Masters of the Universe Classics line, officially established his associations with both the Evil Horde and the Snake Men, but not Evil Warriors.

In contrast to his better-known origin, a story from third issue of Italian Magic Boy Magazines, depicted Megator as a powerful giant, created by the mad scientist Torvus at Skeletor's behest. He was brought to life via a combination of Torvus science and Evil-Lyn's magic, unbeknownst to both Skeletor and Torvus. Green-skinned monster, quickly became uncontrollable and start rampaging across Eternian countryside. Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Orko all simultaneously tried to control Megator with their magic, which finally caused giant to collapse, under the mental strain of their attempted mind control.


Minox is an android minotaur who described himself as a "creation of Skeletor" and could shoot powerful electrical bolts from his horns. He was ordered to eliminate He-Man in complex labyrinth on Eternia, but he was defeated, when his electrified body was doused with water. Minox has appeared only in 3-page MotU comic called "Il Labirinto di Minox (The Maze Of Minox)" from Italian Magic Boy Magazine # 1. He received a Masters of the Universe Classics toyline bio in the encyclopedia, which reimagined him as a Mintoran cyborg. However, he never received any toy made of him.


Reigam is an evil mage from the Plain of Eternity, who joined forces with Skeletor to conquer the Royal Palace. At first he remained as a mysterious, unnamed hooded wizard, who tried to activate the "Sword Of Wizards" on Skeletor orders. Later, he appeared without his hood and pretended to by an ally of Eternos, putting all citizens of Eternia into deep sleep, to allow Skeletor and Monsters of Deep to invade the city. He-Man and Orrko ultimately succeeds in stopping his evil plans and made Reigam vanish, possibly to his own dimension. Reigam has appeared in two episodes of MOTU German Audio: "Sturm auf Castle Grayskull" (Assault On Castle Grayskull) voiced by Gunther Konig (credited as "Magier") and "Die Ebene der Ewigkeit" (The Level Of Eternity) voiced by Michael Wiegandt.


Torvus is an elderly human mad scientist in the employ of Skeletor. He created the rampaging giant called Megator who, unbeknownst to him, was brought to life thanks to Evil-Lyn's magic. Wild and aggressive monster, start rampaging across the planet, until he collapse under the mental strain of their attempted control by Skieletro, Evil-Lyn and Orrko. Torvus has appeared only in MotU comic from Italian Magic Boy Magazine #3.

Toy Maker

Toy Maker is a human-looking, traveling magician who, as his name suggests, specializes in creating malicious but innocent-looking toys, capable of growing many times their original size. Toy Maker only appeared in a single Filmation cartoon episode "The Toy Maker", being voiced by John Erwin. In this episode, he visited Snake Mountain, with intent to join Skeletor's Evil Warriors, who agreed to hire him if he could capture Man-At-Arms. Toy Maker ran into Orko in the wilderness, befriended him with flattery and gave him a toys, which managed to complete his task. Instead of hiring the Toy Maker, Skeletor used a mind control spell on him to learn the magic words that controlled his toys and later send them against Heroic Warriors. However, Orko also learned how to control the toys and used them to free Man-At-Arms. The Toy Maker tried to flee, after heroes invade Snake Mountain, but was ultimately taken into custody by them and possibly later turned over to the authorities.


Zodac (sometimes spelled Zodak) is more commonly known as the "Cosmic Enforcer", meaning that he has to maintain the balance of power between good and evil and possesses incredible power far beyond that of mortal men. However a lot of confusion has arisen over the character's true allegiance due to conflicting portrayals in different media.

His original 1980s toy was released as a part of first wave in 1982, where he was labeled as a "Evil" Cosmic Enforcer. Some media to produce Masters of the Universe stories throughout the 1980s, took this approach, making him a member of Evil Warriors. UK Ladybird books, presented Zodac as a thoroughly evil character, specialized in missions in outer species, which made him one of more dependable, but still rather generic minion of Skeletor. German Interpart-Condor Verlag MOTU Comics, portrayed Zodiac as truly sinister being, from unknown regions of space. Being aware of anyone's future, he often used his knowledge to play cruel games with his enemies. Although, Zodac joined Skeletor's forces, he was rather a rival to the Lord of Destruction, craving what he called "the lost energies of Greyskull" for himself.

However, the DC Comics and the Filmation cartoon series indicated that Zodiac is a neutral character, helping both good and evil sides in their times of need while leaning more towards the cause of justice. Several later books and comic series, portray him as a fully heroic character, while others are more in-keeping with the DC Comics and Filmation's portrayals as a "largely neutral character".


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