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Excel Capital Management, Inc. is a fintech company operating privately in New York City, NY.[1] The company serves clients in the United States and Canada that need capital to fund their day-to-day operations and invest into their company’s growth.[2]


The company was founded in 2013 by Cetin (Chad) Otar. Otar, while studying medicine, was approached by his brother who is a stockbroker, to discuss an emerging industry called alternative lending. Otar began working part-time with a colleague of his brother, setting up appointments and completing pre-call activities.[3] Otar then took on an executive management position with a cash advance company for one and half years.[4][5] He and a partner left the company to start their own business.[6][7] Within one year, the team was funding two to three million dollars in revenue per month.[2][8] The early days of Excel Capital Management, Inc. were spent in the basement of Otar’s mother’s house.[9][10]


The company operates with an understanding that each company’s needs are different, attempting to accommodate those needs based on its current valuation instead of historical data.[11][1] Evaluating companies using this method provides for a quick turnaround in processing the capital.[12] According to the company, most of their clients receive their funds within 72 hours of application.[13][14]


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