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F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager is a firmware manager program able to perform iOS firmware encryption - decryption/patch or restore processes. The application is basically a powerful iOS super-user tool.

Details and requirements

The application was created based upon already existent and well-known CLI applications like "xpwntool" and "the libimobiledevice project". This program's main purpose is to bring access on CLI applications for firmware iOS DMG encryption and decryption, ASR (Apple System Restore) patching and restoring for those who do not have CLI experience.

The program is targeted to run on Microsoft Windows only and from specifications page, it requires .NET Framework to be installed on one's computer to be able to run. Unlike other firmware restore and modification tools, F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager does not require Apple iTunes to be installed, as it is based upon libiusbmuxd (a cross driver created by Hector Martin).

The app makes use of GPL v3 licensed, "xpwntool" and especially "dmg.exe" in order to decrypt the ROOT File System FileVault (DMG file) contained into the .IPSW Firmware using appropriate Firmware Keys (specific AES GID keys), then using the same keys it encrypts back the customized ROOT File System FileVault. The same procedure applies to Ramdisk files contained into the .IPSW Firmware. The program is known to make use of "hfsplus" (CLI application) to decrypt the ramdisk and allow one to create the required patches for components like ASR, iBSS, iBEC and other IMG3-compressed components.

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager makes use of "libimobiledevice", especially of "idevicerestore" CLI to restore an iPSW to one's Apple device. The device selection is made by Unique Device ID (UDID), an Apple engraved value of any device, and the restore options consists in: Erase Restore, Update Restore, Custom Restore, and Restore Latest Available. SHSH Blobs are fetched automatically by "idevicerestore" component, thus making restores more simple.

The program also features a tool for getting the phone out of "Recovery Mode" with one click. One can also put the phone into Recovery Mode using the same app. It also makes use of "ideviceinfo" to fetch all information about one's device; in case it is required. The forensics research level of the app is relatively high as it can fetch even private device IDs (IMEI, Serial Numbers).

This application is able to fetch these values from the connected device: UDID, IMEI, WLAN Address, IDs, Settings, Activation status, Serials, Sim Status, Baseband, Versions of iBOOT, Baseband, iOS, TimeZone, Carrier Bundle,Brickstate etc.

It also integrates a tool that brings one to Apple's official Activation Status Check page. One can check here the IMEI or Serial Number to make sure the Apple device is not iCloud locked before buying, as nowadays many are scammed on eBay and Amazon with locked/stolen devices.

Versions and updates

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager is currently listed on version 5.0.2, according to "The iPhone Wiki", an unofficial iDevice-related Wiki, code-named "Thanksgiving Special Edition" and is available for Windows. The developer announced that the app's development is in progress and the application receives constant updates.


This application is reported to work with the latest iOS version (iOS 9.2) by the community. It is also compatible with older versions such as iOS 8.x and 7.x. Compatibility with lower iOS versions (6.x and lower) is granted by app's GPL v3 components.


The app can be found on its page on "The iPhone Wiki". Current download count reported by F.C.E. 365 is "9,181" downloads filtered from user multiple downloads and "15,271" downloads unfiltered from user multiple downloads.


All credits are mentioned in application's "Credits" Tab.

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