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Video Games

F1 Super Lap is the sequel of the original game F1 Exhaust Note, as the title suggets its name for the licensing of Formula One to Fuji Television and FOCA Industries.


Likewise to F1 Exhaust Note, it's very similar to the original, but this time, it made a diffence. First is the companies that in the original one of this game is notably to be created by the SEGA Staffs and designers and now, it's having diff. companies like: Canon Inc., Renault, Marlboro (cigarette), Lotus Cars, Ferrari and many more. Second, it's harder than the original due to having updated 2.5D physics and turning thrusts to sharper turns right ahead of the road. And third is, much more exciting, more diligent and more perspective 2.5D background layerings + more than 5,000 sprites have been added + a sky gradient that it was featured in SEGA X BOARD. This time, you would have the OVERTAKE BUTTON to maximize the engine turbo into a boosting performance itself on overtaking it on 1 opponent's car. But be careful, once it's empty, it would no longer use it until you finish the race or your game is over. So, use it wisely and safely to prevent from failing.[1][2][3]

Cabinet Review

Although, some gamers and viewers said that this was the same thing, but enhances the colorful scenery at least they would do better than the original, as specificated. According to the cabinet specs. of this game, it had a new visual reality, which is the Cockpit view. And yes, there's somethings not really gained, but it's little shocking. Once SEGA SYSTEM 32 arcade board has an issue to this game, prior of the checking of network; the MASTER NETWORK and the SLAVE NETWORK, it would otherwise fails into just a single matter, even though the other one's fine, it's still a failure then might needed to repair instead. So, the operators might be having an extra careful about that issue and needs some time and day/s to monitoring.

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