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Musical artist

Patrick Colin Perfetto (born April 28, 1987) better known by his stage name F3tto, is an American Electronic Dance Music producer, DJ, drummer, and songwriter.[1][2][3]

Early Life

Perfetto was born in Washington D.C., but grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland. He attended St. Johns Episcopal School until 5th grade, and later transferred to St. Peters for the rest of Middle School. Perfetto went to private school his entire life. By 6th grade, Perfetto had expressed interest in playing the drums, after his brother Michael received a guitar, and they started a band. His band Leprechaun Genie recorded a demo in 2004. After working with a local audio engineer Oni Somroy, he discovered who to record and produce. This was his introduction into music technology. Perfetto would record his electronic drums and edit them in Pro Tools to create hip hop and ambient beats.[4]

He was involved in the school band, and eventually became known in the community as a great drummer. As a teenager in his high school years, he was involved in Jazz Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and was accepted into the Archdiocesan Honors Band. Perfetto was also known for throwing great shows called “Fettofest” at his house, and a lot of people came to hear great music. His band with his brother was called Leprechaun Genie, and had small success in the community.[4]


2004-2007 Fettofest

In 2004, Perfetto and his colleagues threw the first FettoFest. This caught to attention of many people and he gained lots of recognition as an event coordinator.[1]

In 2005, he threw the concert again, and had around 500 people at his house. The cops came and shut down the party, and it was the highlight of his senior year in high school.[4]

In 2006, Perfetto came back from college and brought back the concert, but brought it to a professional level with professional bands. It was held in the downtown Silver Spring area, and had slight success and some good coverage.[4]

In 2007, Perfetto threw Fettofest again, and it was a huge investment on his end. He had sponsors such as: Bud Light, Bank of America, Victor Litz Music Store, and a variety of other sponsors. Perfetto threw the show on Labor Day weekend with headliners Jimmies Chicken Shack. The show was featured in The Gazette, and other local college newspapers. Despite a small turnout and loss of funds, the festival made a name for Perfetto at the age of 20 years old.[1]

Perfetto attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA on a partial scholarship. He majored in Music Synthesis and Drum Set Performance.


In 2005, he started a project called “EFFEXARIS”. Effexaris was the name he chose to blend the idea of effects and “to sound cool” He created a lot of IDM “Intelligent Dance Music” and was known in the Music Synthesis community as being a very well rounded composer and drummer. In his days in college he never released any of the Effexaris content officially but his EP had 17 tracks all unreleased officially. During this time Perfetto also performed with his band Saucy Bills headed by Matthew Cummings, whom he met at Berklee. He performed all over the Baltimore area, constantly flying home for shows in the Washington D.C. area.[1]

2009-2011 No. 14 Studios

Perfetto started No. 14 Studios to survive after College. He was living underground in a rehearsal space right next to Fenway Park. The unit was number 14. Hence the name No. 14 Studios. He worked with a lot of gangster rap, and hip hop. The rappers alway called it studio 14. He eventually became extremely popular as an audio engineer. He moved the studio to Cambridge, and than Somverville, to accommodate more space. Working with a variety of artists from: Millyz, Araab Musik, Supastar LT, Benzino, and a variety of other characters all from Boston. He lived in his recording studios, and was known for being an extremely hard worker, and every client loved Fetto. Fetto became a household name to every rapper and urban artist in the Boston community.[4]

In December of 2011, Perfetto’s studio was raided by members of a gang and they stole a lot of equipment and threatened to kill him and his employees. This ended the studio, and ended his time in Boston. Running No. 14 Studios was a great experience Perfetto says, but he wishes he would have focused more on his own music. During this time he also was in the band “Inside the Avalanche” which was headed by future Vine star Ry Doon. He was also in a band with future Voice finalist Dani Moz. He played in both of these bands while running the studio. At the time he was still creating Electronic Music, but was not focused on his own music full time. He recorded demos with both of these bands which were never fully released.[5]

2012-2015 F3tto

When Perfetto moved to Los Angeles, he decided to focus all his energy on his own music, and he created a new name F3tto. He created this name because it was his nickname ever since he was in high school. His older brother was originally given the name F3tto, and Perfetto was nicknamed Lil fetto. After driving out to Los Angeles, without knowing anyone he was scammed on an apartment, and was living out of his car for the first two weeks. He eventually moved into a place and start producing music under the Alias “F3tto”. During the early days of F3tto he played shows to 5 people, or DJ’d events with a variety of up and coming artists. He worked extensively with actress Charlotte Benesch on songs “Never Coming Down” and “The Rebels” with a combined sound of pop and Electronic music, they had very moderate success. Perfetto released a variety of music videos for his singles of all which can be found on his Youtube channel.

Perfetto released music on “Back to the Dance Floor Records” and “Noctem Audio”. His EP’s have received moderate success, but nothing huge. He became very popular on Instagram, and established a strong relationship with fans. In 2013, he performed shows for FRAMED Entertainment, Plur Events, Perish 69, Resurrect LA, and a variety of other promotion groups. He has performed at underground warehouses, festivals, and mainstream clubs.

In 2014, he was asked to perform at Insomniacs Electric Daisy Carnival on the Wide-awake Art Car. Following this performance, he won the Discovery Project for Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland with a song entitled “The Night Calls Me” feat John Twiford, which is still unreleased.[4]

Perfetto changed his style in 2013 to evolve and started incorporating trap elements into his dance music. This turned out to help his career a lot.[4]

Perfetto’s music has been released his music for free through a variety of music blogs such as: EDM.com, Drop the Baseline, Run the Trap, TRAP Music HDTV, Trap Gutter, Trap Party, Trapstep Network, Trap Party, InTRAP Channel, Trap Panda, Fist in the Air, EDM Sauce, YOUR EDM, and a variety of many others. Perfetto’s sound has developed into Trap, Twerk, and Heavy Dance Floor Bangers. He has experimented with Complextro and other styles, but he is best known for his heavy 808s and TRAP bangers.[4]

Also in 2014, Perfetto started a youtube series entitled “F3tto Fridays” in which every Friday he released content from the prior week or couple of weeks.[6] It has received some great popularity and has been evolving since it first started. He now has a strong following on youtube, and is gaining fans one day at time.[4]

Perfetto still runs No. 14 Studios and works with a variety of artists, but his focus is on F3tto.[4][7]


Perfetto has a lot of influences from drummers such as Travis Barker, Thomas Pridgen, and Chad Sexton. He is also influenced by: Skrillex, Deadmau5, Zedd, Lookas, Stargate, Martin Garrix, and a variety of other producers.[4]

Perfetto has always been a big fan of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, and a lot of the artists on Warp Records.[4]

Perfetto has his IDM EP he created under his old name Effexaris, he plans to eventually one day release it, and make some more IDM type tracks.[4]


Perfetto acted n the Datsik video “Too Late to Say No” and was also on the reality show Excused. He also acted in a web series with Ryan Kibby entitled “Valets” which is set to be released in 2015.[4]


  • Tha King EP 2013
  • Never Coming Down EP July 2013
  • Drop that A$$ Single December 2014


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