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Farah Abushwesha (Template:Lang-ar) is an award-winning filmmaker and writer.


Abushwesha was longlisted for the Yale World Fellows Program 2012 and has been selected by BAFTA as a new talent to watch, featuring in the October 2006 Bafta Academy magazine.[1]

Abushwesha produced the feature films Pressure[2] with Danny Huston and Matthew Goode and Irreplaceable You[3] with Stephanie Laing. She has made four award-winning or nominated short films, and her other film production works includes Wasteland, The Comedian, Late Bloomers, with William Hurt and Isabella Rossellini and Tom Harper and Jack Thorne's The Scouting Book For Boys.

Abushwesha co-founded the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum[4] which takes place at BAFTA London Headquarters and in New York as well as regional events including Belfast, Edinburgh, and Nottingham. The forums were created in 2000.Template:Which[5]

Through Rocliffe Abushwesha authored the book, Rocliffe Notes: A Professional Approach To Being A Writer.

She has also written for The Guardian,[6] Irish Times, The Irish Star and the Mail and Guardian, and appeared as a guest on BBC Radio 4.[7]

In 2017, Abushwesha was nominated for a BAFTA in the British short film category[8] with Emmet Fleming, Andrea Harkin, and Conor MacNeill for The Party.


  • Irreplaceable You (2017) (Producer)
  • The Last Photograph (2017) (Producer)
  • Don't Hang Up (2016) (Producer)
  • The Party (2016) (BAFTA Nominated Short) (Producer)
  • Pypo (2015) (TV Drama) (Producer)
  • Identicals (2015) (Line Producer)
  • Wasteland (2012) (line producer)
  • The Comedian (line producer)
  • The Swarm (2011) (line producer)
  • Late Bloomers (2011) (production manager)
  • Cleanskin (2011) (production manager)
  • The Scouting Book for Boys (2009) (production coordinator)
  • Micro Men (2009) (production coordinator)
  • She a Chinese (2009) (production manager)
  • Welcome (2009) (production manager)
  • London River (2008) (production manager)
  • Pop Promo: Pete and the Pirates Blood gets Thing & Jennifer (2009) (producer)
  • Sir Alan Sugar Challenge (2006) (producer)
  • News from Heaven (2006) (associate producer)
  • Apartment 406 (2006) (associate producer)
  • The Pistachio Nut (2005) (associate producer)
  • No Deposit, No Return (2004) (producer)
  • The Welcome Committee (2004) (producer)


  • The Sharer (2007)
  • Chicken Soup (2006)
  • Sir Alan Sugar Challenge (2006)


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