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Template:Infobox video game Farmerama is a farming simulator by Bigpoint where players can grow and harvest crops and raise animals. Through a variety of chores and delivery orders, players level up and gain access to more advanced crops and more rare animals. As of July 2011, there are over 30 million registered users of the game, available in over 30 different languages.


Each player begins with a simple farm which can be expanded upon and customized depending on where a player chooses to place their decorations, animal pens, crops, etc. There is also a City that players can visit where they can purchase seeds, expand their buildings, sell goods in the Market and send gifts to neighbors.


The game includes a vibrant color palette and an easy to learn point and click interface.

File:Farmerama 1 free browser based online farm games.jpg
One player's customised farm in Farmerama.


Items can be purchased with either Country Coins (virtual currency) or Barnyard bills (real currency). There is also a Farmers Market where players can buy or sell their crops, animals and other things.

Farming and Livestock

When the land is properly prepared, seeds can be planted. After a time (different for each specific crop), the seeds will mature and sprout into a crop that can be harvested for experience points and saved for use in delivery orders. This growing process can be sped up by using water, manure or supergrow on the land before the crop is fully grown. If an animal pen is built on the land, animals can be raised and given food and water until they reach maturity. Once they are fully grown, they can be used for delivery orders or offered for sale at the Farmers Market. Experience points are also gained from raising animals.


Players can add each other as Neighbors. Neighbors can help one another clear land (making it suitable for farming), giving EP(experience points) when they level up, as well as giving out gifts that aid in the farming process.

The Green Meadow

The Green Meadow is another land that is unlockable at level 17. Otherwise if you're under level 17 you can pay 100 BBs to buy your way to it. It starts out all covered in weeds. As you gain neighbors, you are able to use more of the green meadow. You need a total of 12 neighbors to unlock it fully.

The Park

The park is another unlockable area to add onto your farm. It is unlocked at level 25. This land can only be used for decorations. Many decorations have give EP (experience points) that assist with going to a higher level.

The Magical Glade, Tree of Wisdom

The Magical Glade is another land that is unlockable at level 14. It starts out with only four 2x2 spaces open. You can then unlock 4 more spaces in the Glade by using stars on the Tree of Wisdom. The Glade has same benefits that come with it too. It has an unlimited supply of water and gives extra ep to animal pens and trees.

The Tree of Wisdom is a way to unlock everything from the extra spaces on the Glade, Baharama, the Park, Extra gift, and other bonuses for life on the farm. These benefits are called carvings. You start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up the tree. You can unlock these carvings by using stars. Stars are earned by either leveling up(one star per level), you can earn stars by completing quests, or spinning the farm wheel.

The City

This section acts as a news source. Here, recent news and promotions are displayed, along with leaderboards. The city offers many different shops and features. There is a farmers market which can be accessed from level 3 and up, a seed shop that gives you various different seeds as you level up (you have to pay for them using country coins though), a post office where you can send messages to your friends, a workshop where you can get different upgrades for your animal pens using tools you can collect from animals, crops and trees (you may use your barnyard bills to get toolboxes), a supply store where you can get decorative items for your farm also including seasonal items and xl and xxl upgrades for animal pens and trees, a farm wheel that can give you a daily item bonus such as: toolboxes, water, manure, EP, country-coins(cc), peach-tree, air-miles, kangaroo-shed, lara-award, animal-pens, super-grow, power-feed, free-spin, Sherlock-mouse, poodle, goldleaf-tree, etc. There is a carpenter that can create pens for you for country coins and a bank where you can exchange barnyard bills for country coins. There is also a tree nursery where you can get lots of different trees as you level up, a tourist office where you can put your farm on display, a lookout tower where you can relax and let someone else do the work (for premium farmers only though) and a present which gives you a chance to send gifts to fellow farmers. There is a farmers society where you can get tasks to complete that range from easy to hard and may need certain levels to do, and last but not least a gift box to send gifts to your buddies/neighbors.

Boardgame Version

Ravensburger has published a tabletop (non-electronic) board game adaptation of Farmerama, playable by one to four players. It was created by Uwe Rosenberg, a popular game designer known for his other farming-themed games Agricola and Bohnanza.[1]


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