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"Feminine Is Beautiful" is a limited edition 7" single by the rock band Manic Street Preachers. 500 copies were released in July 1991 on the Caff Records label, owned by Bob Stanley of the band Saint Etienne. It featured live versions of "New Art Riot" and "Repeat After Me" copied from a cassette sent to Stanley. The sleeve was designed by punk historian Jon Savage.[1]

"For the Caff single, they'd recorded two songs live the previous Christmas," recalls Stanley. "They didn't buy the master tape, and it was taped over, so the vinyl had to be cut from a third-generation cassette copy. That's why the sound quality's so shit. It's still a great record, though."[2] [1].

"New Art Riot" had already featured as the title track of an EP released the previous summer.

"Repeat After Me" later resurfaced in two forms on the band's 1992 debut album Generation Terrorists as "Repeat (Stars and Stripes)" and "Repeat (UK)".

Track listing

7" single

  1. "New Art Riot" (live)
  2. "Repeat After Me" (live)


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