Fida Hussain Durrany

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Fida Hussain Durrany

Fida Hussain Durrany
Fida Hussain Durrany.jpg
Fida Hussain during 20th century
Born Template:Birth year and age
Mandleshwar, Madhya pradesh, India
Died 1995
Indore City, MP
Cause of death illness
Residence Indore,
Nationality Indian
Other names Fida Master Sahab,
Occupation Farming and Agriculture
Known for Fought with Tiger
Title Master
Religion Islam
Children Mustafa Khan Durrany, Muntu Fuppi, Begam Fuppi

Fida hussain Durrany (Template:Lang-ur (Template:Birth dateTemplate:Death date), known also as Master, was a Islamic scholar,] leader[1] and a 20th-century Islamist thinker in India. He was an Indian. he lived in Madhya Pradesh in a village known as Mandleshwar.

Early life

Durrany was born in MP, India, then part of the princely state enclave of Indore.


At an early age, Fida Hussain was given home education, he "received religious nurture at the hands of his father and from a variety of teachers employed by him." He soon moved on to formal education, however, and completed his secondary education. During this era, British were ruling over India and Later Pakistan and Bangladesh. His instruction included very little of the subject matter of a modern school, such as European languages, like English.


Being a farmhouse owner, Mr. Fida Hussain Durrany also owned a huge piece of land in Mandleshwar known as Durrany's Farm in the neighbourhood of MP SH 1. Agriculture and cultivation of several crops in small scale was being carried out there. But after his death the land has to be divided among his siblings according to Islamic shariyah. The son of Durrany: -Mustafa Khan Durrany (Adopted 3 sons): -Zakir -Shakir (adopted anas and bilal) -Sabir (adopted aamir and omar)

Cause of Death

During his last days, Fida Hussain suffered from severe illness. He took medical treatment but couldn't be cured and remained on bed. At last, in the year 1995 in Indore He left this world.