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Template:Pp-move-indef Template:Infobox officeholder Florence Jacqueline Sylvie Devouard, née Nibart (born 10 September 1968) was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation between October 2006 and July 2008, succeeding Jimmy Wales.[1]

Early life

Devouard was born in Versailles, France. She grew up in Grenoble and studied in Nancy, and later lived in Antwerp in Belgium and in Arizona in the United States.


Devouard holds an engineering degree in agronomy from ENSAIA. She also holds a DEA in genetics and biotechnologies from INPL.[2][3]


She worked in public research, first in flower plant genetic improvement, and second in microbiology to study the feasibility of polluted soil bioremediation. She was employed until 2005 in a French firm to design decision-making tools in sustainable agriculture and now is a consultant in Internet Communication Strategy.

On 9 March 2008, she was elected member of the municipal council of Malintrat.[4]


Devouard became active on Wikipedia when she was a housewife and taking care of two children.[5]Template:RsTemplate:Vs She joined the board of Wikimedia Foundation in June 2004 and was a founder of Wikimedia France in October 2004. She has served on the Advisory Board of the Foundation since July 2008.

Co-founder of Wikimedia France in 2004, she is vice-chair of its board as of 2011 until December 2012.[6]

At times, she has disagreed with the notion of "verifiability, not truth" as the basis for building consensus via collaboration.[7]Template:Verify credibility

Personal life

She is married to Bertrand Devouard and has three children.[8]

Template:As of, she lived in the village of Malintrat, near the city of Clermont-Ferrand in France.[no citations needed here]


On 16 May 2008, she was made a knight in the French National Order of Merit, proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as "chair of an international foundation".[9]



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