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Musical artist

Iain James Armour, better known as Fox Amoore, is a Scottish pianist and composer. He has released 13 albums, two of which were recorded at Abbey Road Studios,[1] and has toured globally, performing live in historic venues such as The Cavern Club, Liverpool[2] and Lee's Palace, Toronto.[3] In addition to performing and recording albums, he has composed and recorded music for video game soundtracks, including working with SuperVillain Studios for their production of Order Up! for Nintendo Wii.[4] When asked why he chose this career path, he replied with "Music just has a good emotional impact. It’s like a language to me, a form of expression."


When Armour was four years old, he discovered a love for playing the piano. Mostly self-taught, with some private lessons, he started playing professionally at the age of fourteen at the Craws Nest Hotel in Anstruther, Scotland. For six years he was an integral part of the resident band there, performing multiple times each week.

He continued his education in music studying at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he received an award for highest honors. In 2006, Armour obtained a BA in Popular Music Performance at University of the Highlands and Islands Perth.

Though he discovered the piano at a young age at his grandparents house, he is the first amongst his family to show such desire and passion for music. He credits his parents and family for their never ending support throughout the years helping him reach his goals.

Throughout his career in playing and composing music he has frequently referred to his inspirations as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, and James Horner.


Armour was the resident pianist at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland for many years before he began touring throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. He was also the entertainment director and resident cocktail pianist for the Queen's Hotel, Bridge of Allan, Scotland. He first began touring in Europe with The Getback Band[5] (a Paul McCartney Beatles Tribute Band). He currently performs with McDonald's Farm[6] in the UK and with Foxes and Peppers[7] in the US. He is an active performer during International Beatle Week in Liverpool and has raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations in the United States and other countries.


Title Year Artists
The Spirit of the Wolf 2004 Self
The Ballad of Midnight 2007 Self
Masked 2009 Self
Fly 2010 Self
Feel 2011 Self
Come Find Me 2014 Self; featuring: Alexander James Adams,[8] Nicola Kinsman,[9] Travis Ratledge,[8] Amadhia Albee, Neil Humphrey,[10] Simon Rhodes,[11] English Chamber Orchestra[12]
We Will Be 2015 Self; featuring: Ned Wilkinson,[13] Ashley Serena, Nicola Kinsman,[14] Travis Ratledge[14]
The Dreamcatcher 2017 Self; featuring: , Tim Russ,[15] Jared Clark,[16] Nicola Kinsman, Ned Wilkinson,[17] Joe Bisbey, Neil Humphrey, Simon Rhodes,[18] Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,[19] Opus 32 Choir,[19] Eclipse Choir[20]
Bitter Lake[21] 2011 Self
Bitter Lake Legends of Valanor 2012 Self, Nicola Kinsman, Ashley Serena
Keepers of the Light[22] 2016 Self, Travis Ratledge, Jared Clark, Joe Jones
Goldeneyes 2016 Self
The Skies of Astar 2017 Self
Juno Rising 2018 Self
Demon Hunterz 2019 Self, Nicola Kinsman, Ned Wilkinson, Jared Clark, Omnom, XZen
Someone Like You (Adele Cover[23]) 2011 Self, Travis Ratledge
Fire Killer 2012 Self, Travis Ratledge
Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover[24]) 2012 Self, Travis Ratledge, Jenny Lane
Hashtag[25] 2016 Self, Jared Clark, Nicola Kinsman, Ned Wilkinson, Arthur Rossi
One Weekend: A Musical tail 2018 Self, Jared Clark, Nicole Kinsman, Ned Wilkinson, Shadowolfen, Omnom, Edward Wynton, Bryan Massey
Spread Thy Wings 2018 Self, Jared Clark, Mark Wakeham, Ned Wilkinson, Alice Kane Wolf
Ron Ron Forever More[26] 2015 Self, Nicola Kinsman

Game Soundtracks

Name Year Platform
Order Up![4] 2008 Nintendo Wii
Soul Locus[27] 2015 Steam
Major\Minor[28] 2016 Steam
Lupinball[29] 2017 Steam
Unlucky Seven[30] 2018 Steam

Upcoming Projects

Armour completed the recording of his third studio album and second collaboration with Jared Clark on September 5 at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville. Through the generous support of friends and listeners, crowdfunding for this project was extremely successful.[31] Spread Thy Wings is due to release December 2018 and features a choir and orchestra from Nashville Music Scoring.


Armour has performed worldwide with many of the artists he has recorded with. He has also performed during Beatle Week in Liverpool with Mark Hudson,[32] Micky Dolenz,[33] Laurence Juber,[6] and Steve Holley.[6]


Venue Location Dates
United States
Juilliard New York, NY 2005
David L. Lawrence Convention Center[34] Pittsburgh, PA 2013–2019
SeaTac Hilton Seattle, WA 2013, 2015
Intercontinental Dallas[35] Addison, TX 2014–2019
Doubletree by Hilton at Seaworld Orlando Orlando, FL 2015–2018
Dulles Regency Hyatt Herndon, VA 2015–2017
Grand Sierra Resort[36] Reno, NV 2015–2018
Hyatt Regency O’hare Rosemont, IL 2015–2018
San Jose Convention Center[37] San Jose, CA 2015–2018
Marriott Marquis Atlanta Atlanta, GA 2016
Sheraton Detroit Novi Novi, MI 2016–2018
Edward Hotel and Convention Center[38] Dearborn, MI 2017
Indianapolis Marriott East Indianapolis, IN 2017
Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center Olive Branch, MS 2017–2019
Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells, WI 2017
Radisson Hotel Cromwell Cromwell, CT 2017
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 2017–2018
Renaissance Seattle Seattle, WA 2017–2018
Scottsdale Resort Scottsdale, AZ 2017
Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Brookfield, WI 2017–2019
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel Portland, OR 2017
Caribe Royale Orlando, FL 2019
United Kingdom
Carnegie Hall Dunfermline, Scotland 2005
Albert Hall London, UK 2011
Birmingham Hilton Metropole Birmingham, UK 2015
Cavern Club[2] Liverpool, UK 2005–2016, 2018[39]
St George's Hall, Liverpool Liverpool, UK 2016
Adelphi Ballroom Liverpool, UK 2005–2016
Other International Locations
Estrel Hotel Berlin, Germany 2012–2019
Bayview Hotel Singapore 2013
Outrigger Hotel Queensland, Australia 2013–2014, 2019
Sofievsky Posad Kiev, Ukraine 2016
Lee's Palace[3] Toronto, ON, Canada 2017–2018
Mercure Santos Hotel Santos, Brazil 2018-2019

Abbey Road Albums

Come Find Me

Armour's first recording at Abbey Road Studios became possible by a crowdfunding project. Fans gave their support to make this happen for him and a total of Template:USD was raised.[40] Combined with artists Alexander James Adams,[8] Nicola Kinsman,[9] Travis Ratledge,[8] Amadhia Albee, Neil Humphrey,[10] and the English Chamber Orchestra,[12] the album was recorded. Come Find Me was composed by himself and recorded and mixed by Grammy Award winner Simon Rhodes.[11][41] To date over 5,000 CD, digital, and vinyl copies have been sold worldwide.[7]

The Dreamcatcher

Armour's second recording at Abbey Road Studios was also a crowdfunding project. Fans gave their support and a total of Template:USD was raised. The increased support from fans allowed this album to have the 70 piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,[19] Opus 32 Choir,[19] and Eclipse Choir[20] record for the album. He once again composed this album and performed on it along with fellow artists Jared Clark,[16] Nicola Kinsman, Ned Wilkinson,[17] Joe Bisbey, and Neil Humphrey. This album was also recorded and mixed by Grammy Award winner Simon Rhodes.[11][41] The promotional launch video was shot by EZWolf on location in Scotland and Los Angeles featuring Tim Russ as a voice actor[15] and the wolves of Project Wildsong.[42] The Dreamcatcher was released on 30 June 2017 with a live concert in the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom at the David L. Lawerence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.


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