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Frank Zamani
Born 1965
Tehran, Iran
Citizenship United States
Alma mater California State University, Chico Distinguished Alumni [1]
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Frank Zamani is an American entrepreneur and cloud-computing pioneer. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Caspio.[2]

Early Life

Born Farhang Zamani in Tehran, Iran, “Frank” was raised in the Bahá’í Faith. Facing religious persecution, he fled Iran in 1986 amid the threat of forced conscription during the Iraq-Iran war.[3]

Smuggled across the border to Pakistan, Frank was granted asylum in the United States in 1988; he and his brother Payam Zamani entered the country with only $75 in cash.[4]

Career and Accomplishments

Graduating with a degree in Computer Science from the California State University, Chico in 1994,[5] Frank began his career as a software developer at Microsoft until the late 1990’s.[6]

In 1994, Frank co-founded with his brother Payam Zamani. made an initial public offering (IPO) in March of 1999.[7] Shares of rose $26 from an open price of $14 to a closing price of $40, making the company worth $938 million.[8] In 2001, was acquired by Auto-by-Tel LLC.

Following the success of AutoWeb’s IPO, Frank left the company to pursue an independent business venture. He founded Caspio in 2000 based on the idea of enabling non-technical business professionals to create their own database-centric web applications without coding. Today, Caspio powers more than 1 million applications in over 100 countries[9] and is ranked a "Leader" in low-code platforms for business developers by Forrester Research.[10]

Frank is honored with a Distinguished Alumni award by California State University, Chico,[11] where he sits on their Industry Advisory Board.


Since 2011, Frank has spearheaded an annual fundraising event for the Association for the Cohesive Development of the Amazon (ADCAM) in Manaus, Brazil.[12] Each year, he and the employees of Caspio raise money to help orphans and children from underprivileged families to receive an education.


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