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Freewallet is a startup that creates mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Android devices. Currently, Freewallet provides mobile wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Lisk, Dogecoin, FantomCoin, and other major 22 cryptocurrencies.[1][2] In 2017, Freewallet also released the web version for their Multi Wallet app[3] and the Token Wallet available on Android.[4] Freewallet supports all popular platforms to give users access to their funds on any mobile device.[5]


Freewallet was founded in January 2016. FantomCoin wallet was the first application, created by the Freewallet team to test the technology and minimize risks for the first customers. The test showed good results, indicating that no critical bugs were found, so the team moved forward to create wallets for popular cryptocurrencies. Later, the team published Ethereum wallet, Bitcoin wallet, and Monero wallet on Google Play. Soon, Ethereum wallet became #1 on Google Play. In the beginning of July, Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum wallets were approved by Apple and published on the App Market.[6] Freewallet has scored over 15,000 users through organic growth.[7]

Recently, Freewallet has published Lisk wallet for Android, and Dogecoin wallet for Android and iOS.[8][9]

On June 14,2017, some users noticed that funds from their wallets had been allocated to a single address [10]. Approximately, 8.5 million dollars in Ethereum had been re-allocated. Some analysts suspected a hack or Exit scam. Freewallet later clarified that the move was planned from the start, although not all users were satisfied with this explanation.


Freewallet consists of 22 mono wallets on Android and 9 mono wallets on iOS for a total of 22 coins and tokens. Other products include the Multi Wallet app for managing multiple digital assets in a single place and the Token Wallet designated for storing, receiving and sending supported ERC20 tokens.

Coin Android iOS
BCH Yes Yes
BCN Yes **
BNT Yes No
BTC Yes Yes
BTG Yes **
DASH Yes[11] Yes
DCT Yes No
DOGE Yes Yes
EOS Yes No
ETH Yes Yes
FCN Yes No
LTC Yes Yes
LSK Yes[12] Yes
NEM Yes No
NEO Yes No
NXT Yes No
XDN Yes **
XMR Yes Yes
ZEC Yes No

**Wallets submitted but not approved yet.

Multi Wallet

Multi Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that allows users to store over 30 digital assets in one place, promptly cross-exchange them and withdraw to any crypto address. It possesses all features available in mono wallets along with a few extra ones, such as highlighting currencies that are experiencing fast growth at the moment and showing only active wallets of the user in ‘Favorites’. Multi Wallet is available on Android, iOS and web.

Token Wallet

Token Wallet is a dedicated app designed for storing, receiving and sending Ethereum-based tokens. There are currently 200+ ERC20 tokens supported in the app. Token Wallet is currently available for Android only.


  • Login with Email, Facebook and Google +[13]
  • Account refill with almost any cryptocurrency (Smart Pay In)
  • Cold storage
  • In-app 24 hours customer support
  • Currency price and statistics
  • Wallet recovery from any device (iOS, Android)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Built-in cryptocurrency exchange
  • Supports multiple languages

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