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Fueling American Jobs Coalition is a nonprofit non-governmental organization and campaign, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, led small business owners, union workers, local gas station owners, and independent American oil refiners who are mobilizing to protest the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard which requires blending biofuel, principally ethanol, into motor fuels and the increased cost of purchasing a Renewable Identification Number.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The ethanol lobby vigorously defensed of the Renewable Fuel Standard. The ethanol lobby, scared of losing their government subsidies used political extortion from Republican Senators Joni Ernst, Deb Fischer and Chuck Grassley who threatened to use their powerful committee positions to block key federal appointments when the Environmental Protection Agency started gathering data and looking into modest changes to the amount of ethanol that's forced into the nation's gasoline supply.[7][8]


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