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Further Products is a company founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California that manufactures products from refined used vegetable oil.[1][2] The used oil is refined into a biofuel, and glycerin is created as a by-product from the refining process.[1][3][4] The resultant glycerin is used to make soaps and lotions and candles.[1][3][4] The used vegetable oil is collected from restaurants in the Los Angeles area.[2][5] In February 2011, the company manufactured 10,000 products monthly.[2]


In 2004, the company owner, Marshall Dostal, initially refined the used vegetable oil for a car he converted to run on biofuel.[1][3][2] In the process, Dostal had the notion of using the glycerin by-product to create soap products.[1][3][2]

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