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GVATE LLC (“GVATE”) is an American private company, founded and based in New York City. The company is a SEO agency that offer several services aiming to increase their clients' websites visibility[1][2]. The company has been rated among the best SEO agencies in New York area in several rankings since its foundation[3][4][5][6][7][8].


GVATE was founded in March of 2015 by Seun Ajanwachuku. A Nigerian, passionated by engineering and robotics, Ajanwachuku started his career working with marketing and website management for several clients in the United States, Europe, Canada and South America. In early 2015, he founded GVATE (the initials stands for "Globally Innovate") as a SaaS company focused on marketing technology development. On its first year, the company decided to change its focus, becoming a SEO agency. In the same year, GVATE was first ranked among the "Most Trusted SEO expert in NYC". Since then, the company featured in several rankings including "The Most Trusted SEO Company in NYC", "SEO Expert in NYC" among others[9][10]. Nowadays, GVATE is top-rated in the Google's ranking of the "Top SEO Firms in NYC". The company is also top-rated among the SEO firms in all search engine, including Bing and Yahoo![3][11][7][6].


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