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Template:Infobox officeholder Garry B. Mallett is a New Zealand politician. He was the fourth President of ACT New Zealand, a right-wing liberal political party. As of 2010 he resides in Hamilton, New Zealand,[1] and is a former [2] owner-operator of a branch of Les Mills International there.[3]

Hamilton local politics

He served as a Hamilton City Councillor from 1998 to 2001[4] on the 'City Vision' ticket,[5] representing the West Ward.[6] He chaired the Economic and Audit committee.[6] He chaired the WEL Energy Trust.[7] At the 2002 Trust elections he led the 'Power Rebates We Won't Be Beaten On Discounts' team (PRT).[8] In the 2008 WEL Energy Trust elections the 'Power Discounts Team' (PDT) captured a majority from Mallett's PRT.[9]

In 2009 a complaint was filed to the Advertising Standards Authority against one of Mallett's advertisements in the Hamilton This Week campaigning against Māori electorates being established on the Auckland 'Supercity' Council, which called such reserved political positions and their promoters "racist". Mallett said that the complainant was "attempting to silence [his] opinion." The complaint was not upheld.[10]

Involvement with ACT

Mallett joined the ACT party in 1995.[11] In the Template:NZ election link, he unsuccessfully contested the Template:NZ electorate link electorate. He was ranked ranked 27 on the party list, and came sixth out of nine candidates in the electorate.[12][13]

In the campaign of the Template:NZ election link, Mallett made a vomiting gesture during a discussion about homosexuality, which drew controversy.[11] He stood in Template:NZ electorate link, winning 1.44% of the electorate vote, and came sixth place.[14]

In the Template:NZ election link Mallett again stood in Hamilton East and 44th on the ACT party list.[15][16] He came fifth in that electorate, with 1.27% of the vote, a loss of 0.18 percentage points from the previous election.[17]


In January 2006 the president of ACT, Catherine Isaac, announced her intention to resign from the position. In March that year the party elected Mallett to succeed her, beating farmer John Ormond. At the same time, Trevor Loudon was elected as vice-president of the party.[11][18]

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