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Ghostory is a 2D indie puzzle adventure video game by RigidCore Games, characteristic by its pixel art graphics and a humorous story. It started as a student project at Masaryk University, but soon after winning the Best student project award at Game Access 2016 in Brno[1][2] it was announced to be released as a full game.[3] Greenlit in 11 days[4] on Steam, the game is due to be released in early 2017.


The game began as a student project at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno[5] by 4 students from Košice. After receiving positive feedback, the game signed up for the Student project category at Game Access 2016,[6] which it eventually won. Afterwards, developers decided to continue working on it as a full game for the Steam platform, launching the Greenlight page on 23 September 2016[7] at Intel Buzz Workshop Warszawa 2016.[8] After 11 days, the game got greenlit and it was scheduled to be released in late 2016, which was delayed[9] to early 2017. The Ghostory Demo was released on 31 December 2016.[10]


In Ghostory, the player takes the role of a lone traveller who got lost in the woods. He drinks from an unknown river, which gives him a special power - he can transform to a ghost, fly around, and switch back. However, as he finds out really fast from a constantly pun-making old lady living nearby, he is slowly dying and needs a cure. After a quick turn of events, he gets stuck in a cave with only one goal - to get out safely with his cure, a yellow mushroom in his backpack.[11] Throughout the game, the player finds out more about the cave, the shady reasons he got stuck in it and questions what can he believe.


Ghostory is a 2D puzzle adventure consisting of many short levels. In each level, the player's goal is to bring a backpack from one side of the map to another. To do so, he has to toggle levers, move platforms, gather keys and interact with other elements. The main niche of the game is, however, swapping between two forms. In human form, the player can interact with objects and, mainly, carry the backpack. In ghost form, the player can fly through walls and spaces to relocate wherever he wants to be, but he has to leave the backpack where it is. The player therefore has to swap between the two forms to complete puzzles and get the backpack to the exit.[12]

The game contains 3 stages and introduces new mechanics continually as the game progresses. It is generally focused about solving puzzles way more than mechanical skill, there is no time limit and the player cannot die in any level.


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