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Musical artist

Gina Vaporjieff D'Orio, (born 23 September 1976 in Germany) is a producer, songwriter, and singer. She is the main former vocalist from German Digital Hardcore band EC8OR and member of Cobra Killer.


Gina started getting into music at a very young age. She played her first gig at the age of 12 two days after the Berlin wall came down. After she quit playing with her first band the Lemonbabies in 1992, she joined Throw that Beat for recording their album Superstar and went on a worldwide tour with them in 1993/1994. In 1995 Gina V.D`Orio and Patric Catani (also of Candie Hank and The Puppetmastaz) founded EC8OR. This group proved to be the most popular band she was in, as Between 1995 and 2001 the band released three albums, several EPs in Japan and the U.S., and toured worldwide. In 2001 the band broke up, but the two do still collaborate under the name of A*Class.

Gina D' Orio

In 1998, Gina V. D'Orio and Annika Line Trost formerly of Shizuo founded Cobra Killer has released 4 albums with band, and now 2 a solo records, the first been a callobration with Dutch artist Like A Tim entitled Bass Girl which is a synthpop album of 50s and 60s covers of songs such as Skeeter Davis's End Of The World and Brian Wilson's Lonely Sea whereas her latest album is on the Australian label Dualplover called Sailor Songs, which is a more instrumental and ambient record. Gina V. D`Orio played synths for Winona, band of Scottish composer Craig Armstrong and worked as a singer for many different projects. ( see list below ).



  • Bass Girl
  • Sailor Songs

With EC8OR

  • EC8OR (2xLP) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1995
  • Ec8or (CD) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1995
  • AK-78 (12") Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1996
  • Cocaine Ducks (7") Grand Royal, Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1996
  • Spex Is A Fat Bitch (CD, Maxi) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1996
  • Spex Is A Fat Bitch (12") Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1996
  • All Of Us Can Be Rich... (2xLP) Grand Royal 1997
  • All Of Us Can Be Rich... (CD) Grand Royal 1997
  • Discriminate (Against) The Next Fashionsucker You Meet - It's A Raver (12") Grand Royal 1997
  • Until Everything Explodes (CD, Maxi) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1997
  • World Beaters (CD) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1998
  • Dynamite (CD, Maxi) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 2000
  • Gimme Nyquil All Night Long / I Won't Pay (7") Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 2000
  • The One And Only High And Low (CD) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 2000

Lost Treasures

  • Lost Treasures (CD) Make Some Noise,Audio Chocolate 2003
  • Nixxon Flash (7") Make Some Noise, Audio Chocolate 2003

Disco Cabine

  • Gina D`Orio and Mark Boombastik Lasso Legs / on Disco Cabine (CD) 2005.

With A*Class

  • Ain't no Future but our Future (CD) Nneon Records(Nneon) 2005
  • Nightmare at the discothèque
  • I Regret Not Having Kissed You released by Dokidoki 2008

With Cobra Killer

  • Cobra Killer (CD) Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1998
  • Right Into A Kick For More (7") Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) 1998
  • Heavy Rotation (10") Monika Enterprise 2002
  • The Third Armpit (CD) Valve Records 2002
  • 76/77 (CD) Monika Enterprise 2004
  • Das Mandolinenorchester (CD, Promo) Monika Enterprise 2005
  • Heavy Rotation (The Grossraumdiskomixes) (12")
  • Uppers&Downers (CD,LP) Monika Enterprise 2009


  • Christiane F.micro-musical of Francoise Cactus / Brezel Goering Stereo Total2003
  • Peatty Hearst Princess and Terrorist micro-musical of Francoise Cactus/BrezelGoering Stereo Total 2006
  • Liebe ist Heimweh (Festspielhaus Hellerau/Dresden) 2007
  • Der Sumpf-Europa Stunde Null (400asa Sektion Nord,, Sophiensaele Berlin) 2009/2010
  • 2011: In der Hölle des Rock`n`Roll of Stereo Total (Hebbel Theater Berlin)
  • 2011/2012: Mitleid mit dem Teufel (400asa Sektion Nord / Volksbühne Berlin, Perla Mode Zürich, Kaserne Basel)
  • 2012/2013: Flow/Wasser (400asa Sektion Nord / Kaserne Basel, Gessnerallee Zürich, Sophiensaele Berlin)
  • 2014: Stadt der 1000 Feuer (Alte Feuerwache Mannheim/ MiR Gelsenkirchen)
  • 2015: El Dschihad (400asa Sektion Nord / Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin)
  • 2015/2016: Die Nibelungen (mit Cobra Killer)/ (Regie: Sebastian Baumgarten / Staatsschauspiel Dresden)

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