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Musical artist

Giulia Anghelescu (born 7 November 1984), better know as simply Giulia is a Romanian pop/dance recording artist and occasional DJ on the Pro FM in Romania. She was the vocalist of Romanian band DJ Project 'till 2011.

1984-2000: Early life and early career

Anghelescu was born on November 7, 1984 to Romanian orthodox parents in Galați. She attended primary school at the 'Scoala de arte Dimitrie Cuclina` in her native city. Giulia first stepped on stage in 1990, with 6 years in the show-program for children called "Tip Top Minitop". In 1995 she promotionally released a cassete with songs composed by Adrian Ordean și Mihai Ochiu. In 1996, Giulia formed the female-trio called "Flash" together with Monica Andrei and Andreea Antonescu. The band don't really had success, and the girls very soon gave all up. In 1998, Anghelescu was for the first time moderator on the Romanian television, in a show dedicated to teenagers. Giulia also attended the casting-show "Scoala Vedetelor", and won the preselections.

2000-2005: Candy

In March, 2000 Giulia thought to visit Laurentiu Duta, a childhood friend. Initially, Giulia wanted a solo career, but Duta has proposed something else: a new trio. Together with the help of Duta, she again formed a girlband, called "Candy", which was consisting by Giulia, Claudia and Selena. They had a "one-hit-wonder" with the hit single "Mergem la mare" (Romanian for "We go to beach"). In 2002, Anghelescu moved on to Bucharest, where the singer graduated the "Gheorghe Lazăr college". The debut album with the band's same name was released in the same year. End of 2002, Claudia leaved the band. She was replaced by singer Monica. In 2004 Giulia dropped the band. After this she released a solo album called "Giulia" on November 7, 2004.

Untill 2005, Anghelescu was moderator on Romanian TV on shows like "Cool-Mea Distracției", "Kiss Adventure" or "Kiss my way", from Kiss FM. She was also presenting shows on FMs like Kiss FM, One FM, Radio 21 or Pro FM.

2006-2008: Solo career

The second studio album was released in summer 2006 and was called "Fluturi" (Romanian for "Butterflyes"). She presents the album as a "mature" in an interview. She said, that the work brings a change in her life. She gives up the attitude of a rebellious teenager, choosing to turn into a dreamy young lady. The tracks on the album manage to capture a Puzzle of Giulia's life. After she recived major succes in Romania, Giulia promoted a new album in 2008, called "Primul Pas" (Romanian for "First step"), which was produced and composed by famous artists like Laurentiu Duta or Marius Moga. The album spawned a featuring with Gabriel Huiban. Also in 2008, she attented the TV show "Dansez pentru tine" (Romanian for "I'll dance for you), where Anghelescu reached the first place, winning the golden trophy.

2009-present: DJ Project, motherhood and 4th studio album

Giulia was already shortly the voice of DJ Project in 2001, for the band's debut album "Experience". In 2009 she rejoined DJ Project (DJ Maxx and DJ Gino) and also replaced the lead vocalist Elena Baltagan (currently known as Ellie White). In a short period of time, the trio released 3 singles, which had succes in Anghelescu's native country. "Nu"(Romanian for "No"), "Regrete"(Romanian for "Regrets") and "Mi-e dor de noi"(Romanian for "I miss us") reached all the first position in the Romanian Top 100. She leaved the band in late 2011, because of her motherhood. She married Vlad Huidu in 2012 and gave birth to a girl, named Antonia Sabina.[1] After this big event, she released finally her 4th studio album, called "Un om cu un pian"(Romanian for "A human with a piano"), which was one of the best-selling albums in her native country. The album spawned the hit single "Vorbe Goale"(Romanian for "Stupid words") and "Un om cu un pian". She became also a member of "HaHaHa Productions".


Studio albums with Candy

  • Candy (2000)
  • O Seară Perfectă (2001)
  • De Vis (2002)
  • Best Of Candy (2003)
  • Poveste (2003)

Solo studio albums

  • Giulia (2004)
  • Fluturi (2006)
  • Primul pas (2008)
  • Un om cu un pian (2012)


  • Underrated Love (2011)
  • Vorbe Goale (2011)
  • Un om cu un pian (2012)
  • My Life (2013)
  • Azi (2013)
  • Jocuri Deochiate (2014)
  • Spietata (2014)


  • Directia 5 feat. Giulia - De ce
  • Furbo feat. Giulia - Baby Baby
  • Laurentiu Duta feat. Giulia - Totul s-a pierdut
  • Vali Barbulescu feat. Giulia - In the Night
  • Codu Penal feat. Giulia - Vreau banii tai
  • Giulia feat. Vali Barbulescu - Zbor
  • Marius feat. Giulia - Rain
  • Giulia feat. Gabriel - Te-am ales
  • DJ Andi feat. Giulia - Opened mind
  • Giulia feat. Micke - Mouse song
  • Quiet feat. Giulia - I Wanna
  • Anthony Icuagu feat. Giulia- Sunbright
  • DJ Ciurma feat. Giulia - Last Christmas
  • Bere Gratis feat. Giulia - Doua Inimi
  • Dance Floor feat. Giulia - Non dormire


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