Global One Belt One Road Association

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The Global One Belt One Road Association, a Bangkok-based Non- Governmental organization formally approved by the Thailand government authority. The association was founded jointly by various field of experts, scholars, professors, the political elites and well-known businessman. Presently, the association has applied to the United Nation, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to be an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs). The principle of the Global One Belt One Road Association is: “PEACE and DEVELOPMENT, WIN-WIN COOPERATRION”; The purpose of the association is to use the One Belt One Road as a leverage, gathering the strength and wisdom of its members, in building a new harmonious world with interconnectedness, multi-lateral, and mutual-beneficial relationship among nation and its people; The responsibility of the association is to motivate a sustainable cooperation among nation and its people whilst building peace, prosperity and progress for mankind and its future. Global One Belt One Road Association strives to become emblematic of China's One Belt One Road initiative. We take pride to fulfill the above mentioned goals as our duties and responsibilities. Presently, the Global One Belt One Road Association has invited hundreds of elites from various fields and profession to form an Advisory Board, 100 candidates on the Honorary Chairman committee, 100 candidates on it council member committee, 100 candidates to form the Strategy Research and Development Institute. Presently, there are a total of 153 participants from 31 different countries whom have joined our Advisory Board and Honorary Chairman committee, including; four former UN Secretaries General, twenty-three present & former presidents and prime ministers, fifty-five present & former vice presidents and vice prime ministers, and seventy-one present & former state ministers;

The organization structure of the Global One Belt One Road Association is as follows.

Our central office which includes the following seven Departments

  • Financial Department
  • Legal Department
  • Propaganda Department
  • Public Correspondent Department
  • Archives Management Department
  • Members Service Department
  • Events and Activities Department

One Institution and One Centre

  • Strategy Research and Development Institution
  • Human Resource and Exchange Centre

One Foundation

Thirty-nine Committees

  • Industrial Committee
  • Economics Committee
  • Economics Committee
  • Business Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Energy committee
  • Cultural and Arts Committee
  • Educational Committee
  • Medical Care Committee
  • Environment Protection Committee
  • Tourism Committee
  • Digital Currency Committee
  • Scientific Technology Committee
  • Marine Resource Committee
  • Construction Projects Committee
  • Internet Technology Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Logistics Committee
  • Estate Property Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Non-Material Cultural Heritage Committee
  • Antique Committee
  • Legal and Accountant Committee
  • Commercial Committee
  • Cuisine Culture Committee
  • Mass Media Committee
  • Film and Television Committee
  • Stock Securities Committee
  • Electronic Commerce Committee
  • Health and Nourish Committee
  • Defense Technology Industry Committee
  • Construction Materials Committee
  • Furniture and Home Appliance Committee
  • Industrial Zone Committee
  • Textile and Clothes Committee
  • Foods Industry Committee
  • Foods Industry Committee
  • Traditional Medicine Committee
  • Civil Aviation Committee

Eight Representative Office

  • European Representative Office (Paris France)
  • America Representative Office (New York United States)
  • Africa Representative Office (Addis Ababa Ethiopia)
  • Southern Pacific Representative Office (Suva Fiji)
  • Hong Kong and Macao Representative Office (Hong Kong Chinai)
  • China Representative Office (Beijing China)
  • South Asia Representative Office (Madrid India)
  • Japan Representative Office (Tokyo Japan)