God Tech: Mark of the Beast

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Template:Infobox book God Tech: Mark of the Beast is a fictional and religious book written by David John Jeffery. David John Jeffery wrote the book to speculate a future New World Order (conspiracy theory) where everyone is controlled by an implantable microchip and a unified religion. The book was released by Onwards and Upwards Publishers and reached 2nd place under the category of Christian Science Fictions on Amazon Kindle within the first weekend of its released.[1] This has since been developed into a feature film.[2]


David John Jeffery is a writer, film director and visual evangelist based in the United Kingdom.[3] He is best known for his short films and poetry.[4]


This book has been released under the title 'G.O.D.TECH' as a full-length feature film in the UK and USA.[5]

The film's main cast are Andrew Reith, Turkan Victoria, Frazer Hines, Susana Rodrigues, Emma Fletcher and Yaseen Hussain.


Matthew, Mary, Thomas and Samuel Corby are a Christian family who are on the run from a controlling World Government after refusing to take the implantable microchip which contains their DNA, bank information, passport and tracking device. They are captured, separated and tested in their faith and each follows a different path. Matthew takes the microchip and realises that with freedom comes a price. Mary resists the temptation and starts a campaign to eliminate the enemy. Thomas escapes and helps to steer a revolution. Samuel is indoctrinated into the military and led on a path that ultimately leads him to a face to face confrontation with his past.[6]

G.O.D.TECH the movie combines genres of an elitist society bent on control and war against those they see as terrorists. Social unrest and rebellion as those on the outside face daily tribulation to survive in the shadow of urban life. The storyline revolve around elements of scripture prophecy for end times, conspiracy theory, horror and detective style fiction.

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