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Goddessy Organics is the name of a luxury skincare line.[1][2][3]


Goddessy Organics is an organic beauty company that was established in June 2013 by Stephanie Adams, a former fashion model and Playboy centerfold.[4][5] The line consists of skincare products[6][7] and aromatherapy.[8][9] The company combines personal products with spirituality.[10]

The Goddessy Brand

The name "Goddessy" is a portmanteau of "goddess" and "odyssey". Goddessy was originally the title of various forms of written publication since 1999, later becoming the name of Goddessy publishing. Goddessy publishing and Goddessy skincare are both operated by their parent company Illuminati Inc.[11]

Articles and Reviews

Although the brand is not as popular and mainstream as companies like Clinique or Lancome, Goddessy Organics has been mentioned in various articles[8][7] and reviews.[9][12]


Goddessy Organics is located at the owner's medical practice in New York City.[2]

Company Blog

Goddessy Organics has a small blog with topics about beauty. Other articles have been written by independent sources regarding the founder of the business.[13][14][15][16]


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