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Greenbelt is a tycoon-style building independent video game created by a Canadian coder, "Mapboy". Development on the game started on the 8th of August, 2012.

Greenbelt is a game that is focused on building different types of structures, which in turn yield different types of resources. With those resources you can sell to the market to gain coins to construct larger building which yield more expensive resources. It is planned to have a sandbox and career mode.[1]

A public release is available, but the group DuoCoding is still updating it.


Greenbelt is a tycoon building game that gives players a small amount of resources to start off, in which they have to grow to a larger amount. The main goal of sandbox mode is to simply build whatever you want, as there is no money or building goals. The idea of the career mode is to build several buildings and sell resources until the point that you have one million coins. The game's IndieDB page is reachable here: Greenbelt IndieDB Page [2]

Game modes


In this mode, players have no defined goal, however still have an economy. It is designed to be about building and managing resources. The current mode in development is expected to evolve into the sandbox mode, as "Mapboy" has not posted any news on a career aspect to it.


In this mode, players have a defined goal to obtain different goals in different challenges, an example being one million coins. It is designed to be about building, managing resources, and also handling random events. Career mode does not have any posted progress, however has been announced as a mode for the game.