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Helen Child
Alma mater Lancaster University
Occupation Businesswomen

Helen Child is a British businesswomen and expert in prepaid card and payments processing market.[1][2] She is the founder and former CEO of the UK’s first E-money license issuer to be awarded licenses by both MasterCard & Visa.[3][4]


Helen Child was appointed as Managing Director of Direct Logic Ltd in 1999.[5][6][7] Direct Logic was an IT Consultancy company who specialised in infrastructure for payments and transaction processing. From there she was appointed Chief Executive of G-T-P Group, a position she held for ten years.[8][1] She left this role to set up Striding Edge, a consultancy firm in the prepaid card and payments industry.[6][9] She also works as a Global Account Director for BPC Banking Technologies.[10][7]


  • Voted by Paybefore readers in 2010 as One of the Leading Ladies in Prepaid.[11]


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