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Hakin9 is a Polish online, weekly publication on IT Security. The magazine also features some articles in English, German and French. A limited number of free articles are available on their web site. The full version of the magazine is available online to subscribers.

Hakin9 is a source of news and information about offensive hacking methods as well as ways of securing systems, networks and applications.

Hakin9 is published by Hakin9 Media Sp.z.o.o Sp Komandytowa, based in Poland.

History of publication

Hakin9's first edition was released in 2005, then after a few-month-long break the real editing process started in September 2006.

DICKS hoax

In August 2012, Hakin9 published an e-book entitled Nmap Guide, intended to be a guide to the Nmap network scanner software. The first chapter was entitled, "Nmap: The Internet Considered Harmful - DARPA Inference Checking Kludge Scanning", which forms the acronym "DICKS". The entire content of this chapter is a nonsensical hoax.[1] The chapter credited several authors, including Mark Dowd, who posted on Twitter that he had nothing to do with it.[2] Some of the authors, such as Matthieu Suiche, thanked the Pwnie Awards Jury for the award. [3]

The original author and current maintainer of Nmap, Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon, criticized Hakin9's editorial practices for accepting content he called "ridiculous", even to the title. Lyon speculated that the chapter had been generated by SCIgen (software for generating nonsense computer science papers).[4] Lyon initially obtained permission from Hakin9 to publish the chapter on the NMAP website, but once news of the hoax began to spread, Hakin9 sent Lyon a legal threat to remove it.[5]

Spamming practices

Hakin9 is known for spamming tactics used to get free articles. It's been doing this since abandoning paid subscription model. Several articles were written about their spamming actions [6][7] and a legal threats has been issued against people who wrote about it. [8]


  • Editor in Chief: Joanna Kretowicz
  • Product Manager: Marta Sienicka


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