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Hana Sehu (Shehu; born December 17, 1989) with the stage name Hannah Rizzolli[1] is an Albanian model, actress, filmmaker, journalist and philanthropist. As a child of a mother diplomat she lived in several countries, and was educated in different languages at prestigious schools. Sehu made her screen debut as a child in commercials after she was noticed at a pre-school drama club in. At that young age, her talent in playing several roles in one part, by using languages, dancing, singing and impersonating acting skills were noticed by the production of one of the main TV stations - TGRT in Istanbul, Turkey. Very soon she became a face of Aroma[2] fruit juice and a model for few children catalogues for McCann Erickson advertisement agency in Istanbul.

Her career continued as a host of the weekly shows TEEN for three years, on Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) public TV. The show was ranked as #1 show at that time. At the same time, Sehu was a model for many fashion brands, active in a humanitarian minority project for UNICEF, starred as a special actress guest in TV serial Familja Moderne (Modern Family) in 2001, a special guest in many TV and radio shows in Kosovo, Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia and Albania, face of many covers of magazines[3] and billboards,[4] performed and hosted many festivals and presentations, etc. In 2015 she was chosen as Woman of the Week in Kosovo.[5]

She continued her education in Journalism College - Visoka Novinarska Skola in Zagreb,[6] Croatia. She was on Dean’s List for two consecutive years. At that time she wrote columns for magazines such as Grazia, Iliria etc., was active in many PR campaigns such as Presidential Campaign 2010, involved in student teaching guest in acting private schools and communication agencies. As she was chosen as one of the rare talents,[7] she pursued her education at Griffith College Dublin, Ireland where she graduated with Honors Degree in Journalism and Visual Media. During her time at college, she produced many short stories, advertisements,[8] etc.

After graduation she became executive producer for the first reality show for public TV in Kosovo, RTK We Have a Job For You.[9] After the second episode the reality show became #1 ranking TV show. In the role of the executive producer and director she filmed the documentary National Treasure[10] - Prof. Dr. Skender Rizaj and was awarded as a documentary of the year. At the same time, she produced a commercial for Hotel Nartel, for which she got the second prize from the Touristic Center of Kosova, served as a creative consultant for the production Entermedia for ads broadcast on CNN and BBC.

She then became a creative consultant for video productions for a famous manager/producer in music industry, Denis Ingoldsby in London, Great Britain.

As Sehu lost her father at her young age, and as she experienced many xenophobic situations as an Albanian minority in Croatia, she manifested her humanitarian soul for tolerance and diversity through volunteering for many organizations such as UNICEF, HANDIKOS, Animal Protection, etc. In 2014 she co-founded an NGO “Kosova’s Philanthropists”[11] for the project Hand to Hand, building the first summer camp for orphans and children with special needs of all communities in Kosovo.[12] Shortly she gathered a big number of public faces in USA[13] and Kosovo to perform the anthem Band-Aid song "Hand to Hand".[14] Sehu chooses NYC for this project message as US is the role model for tolerance and peace building. She produced and directed the music videos for both versions of the Band-Aid song.

Recently, April 2015 Sehu developed a revolutionary app "Journaliser".[15]

Sehu is fluent in English, Albanian, Croatian, Turkish, Serbian and Italian.


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