Hani Al-Dahshan

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Hani Aldashan (born May 19, 1989 in Abu Dhabi, UAE) is a musician who focuses on movie production. He also focuses on various aspects of Arabic music.

Early career and education

As a child, Hani demonstrated proficiency in dancing, singing, and drawing. In his teens, he was involved in theatre and participated in several musicals and dramas in the United States. At 16, Aldashan performed the musical "Normal" at the Snapple Theatre[1] in Broadway, New York.

Hani attended Greendale High School in Greendale, Wisconsin, and is completing his education in film production at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in Amman, Jordan.


His most controversial work was perhaps a short film based on events that took place in the early 1990s in a private boys school in Abu Dhabi.[no citations needed here] The film portrays a disciplined yet sophisticated educational system with a head master that managed the school with an iron fist. This educator won educational awards and, ultimately, the public's admiration after his death from lung cancer. Hani also directed other short movies that sparked people's interest in classical Arabic literature, religion, and politics.[no citations needed here] He is working on his first feature film in The Jordan, with a group of Western professionals. There are rumors of his involvement with a short film about the late King Hussein of Jordan, specifically his impact on Arab policy and peace in the Middle East.

Other projects

Hani is a Ney (Arabian flute) player; he is the protégé of Sabah Fakhry. His work with the instrument has helped to revive the Damascene music style.

Hani has continued the work of his grandfather, Abdul Kader Agha. The "unknown soldier of Classical Arabic music", Agha was a singer and songwriter who worked with musicians such as Najah Salam and Abdul WahabTemplate:Disambiguation needed. Aqha also lent his voice to BBC Radio in the 1950s and 1960s.


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