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Hayden Moss
Born Hayden Garrett Moss
(1986-05-27) May 27, 1986 (age 36)
Mesa, Arizona, United States
Residence Springtown, Texas, United States
Television Big Brother 12
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Hayden Garrett Moss (born May 27, 1986), is a college student from Mesa, Arizona. He was the winner of the reality TV show Big Brother 12.[1][2][3] He subsequently competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water with his girlfriend, Survivor: One World contestant Kat Edorsson;[4] Moss finished the show in 7th place.

Big Brother

On the show, he was part of "The Brigade" alliance, along with Enzo, Matt, and Lane. Hayden's closest friend inside his Brigade alliance is Enzo but he also befriended Lane, Britney, Kristen and Kathy. His nickname within his alliance was "The Animal." He describes himself as “outgoing, athletic and charming.” His favorite activities include snowboarding, weightlifting, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.”[5]

Hayden won Big Brother 12 by a vote of 4-3, awarding him the $500,000 prize.


In 2013, Moss was a contestant on Survivor: Blood vs. Water along with his girlfriend, Kat Edorrson. He was placed on the "Tadhana" tribe along with the game's other new players. Kat was voted out while the two were on separate tribes, yet when presented with the option to allow her to take his place in the game, Moss stayed put on his tribe and Kat was eliminated after placing last in a challenge. After the merge, Hayden's core alliance stayed together for four votes before his closest ally, Caleb Bankston, was voted out. With his back against the wall, Moss successfully convinced tribe-mate Ciera Eastin to vote with him and ally, Katie Collins, to take the upper hand in the game away from the alliance of returning players, which had included Ciera up until that point. Eventually, Moss was voted out at the final-5 vote and did not win his way back in after losing a challenge at Redemption Island. In the end, Moss cast his jury vote for Tyson Apostol, the game's victor.


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