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Harry Brewis[1] (born 19 September 1992) is an English YouTube personality, best known for his YouTube channel Hbomberguy producing comedic and educational videos about political topics, often responding to the claims of others in a format he calls a "measured response".[2] The channel also produces videos on pop culture, mainly of Brewis' analyses on topics relating to video games.


Brewis started the Hbomberguy YouTube channel on 28 May 2006.[3] The first video on the channel, uploaded on 24 August 2013, was titled "Merry Go-Rilla", a gameplay video of the game Skullgirls. His first video containing his typical format is titled "The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response", uploaded on 25 October 2014. The Hbomberguy channel has consistently uploaded since with its typical formats of pop culture and measured response videos. As of 21 January 2019, the channel has over 336,000 subscribers.[3] The channel also has an associated account on which Brewis produces video game livestreams.

Brewis produces critical video essays on a variety of topics, including the video games, the game industry and internet culture in general.[2][4] He uses techniques such as hand-drawn animation and humour to make his points.[5] His videos also deal with topics related to politics and social justice, including criticism of the alt-right.[4][5] Brewis has made a series of "measured responses" videos on topics including flat Earth conspiracy theorists, pickup artists and internet users who allege that soybean feminises men.[6]

Mermaids charity stream

From 18 January 2019 to 21 January 2019, Brewis continually streamed an attempt to complete Donkey Kong 64 to raise money for British transgender charity organization Mermaids, which he completed in 57 hours and 48 minutes.[7] The charity had been designated funding by the British National Lottery, but the funding was withheld and put under review after criticism by Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan and others.[8] This inspired Brewis to livestream in support of the charity.

The livestream featured many notable guests, including U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, activist Chelsea Manning, actress Mara Wilson, journalists Paris Lees and Owen Jones, Adam Ruins Everything creator Adam Conover, author Chuck Tingle, Matt Christman and Virgil Texas of the Chapo Trap House podcast, Donkey Kong 64 composer Grant Kirkhope, game designers Rebecca Heineman, Josh Sawyer, John Romero and Night in the Woods co-creator Scott Benson, youtubers Natalie Wynn, Lindsay Ellis and Jim Sterling, as well as the CEO of Mermaids, Susie Green.[6][9][10] Colin Mochrie, Neil Gaiman, Cher, Matthew Mercer, Adam Savage and SonicFox also tweeted in support of the livestream and the charity.[11] The livestream began with a goal of $500 USD, but it passed that goal and several subsequent funding targets quickly.[12] In the first 24 hours, the livestream raised over $100,000 USD. In total, over $347,000 USD (£265,000) was raised for the charity through the livestream,[7][13][14] with over 659,000 people watching the stream.[6] The official page for the Mermaids charity praised and thanked Brewis for the livestream.[15][16][17] It was described by The Guardian as "an antidote to the worst of gaming culture",[6] and praised in a motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament by Patrick Harvie.[18]


Brewis has been praised by critics for his YouTube channel's format and commentary.[19][2][5] His video analysis "CTRL+ALT+DEL | SLA:3" has received critical acclaim: it was selected by Polygon as one of the ten best video essays of 2018 and was nominated three times in Sight & Sound's collection of 2018’s most outstanding videographic criticism, with British film critic and filmmaker Charlie Lyne stating that "The reliably great H. Bomberguy pushed the YouTube video essay into new territory with this Matryoshka doll of an upload: a layered critique of the gaming webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del, Tommy Wiseau’s bad-taste classic The Room and the YouTube video essay itself. To cap it all off, it’s a horror movie."[20][21] His video on VHS was praised by TenEighty Magazine as an excellent "deep-dive" in the topic.[22]

His Mermaids charity livestream has garnered attention and praise.[13][23][12] Brewis was also congratulated in a motion passed by the Scottish Parliament for his January 2019 livestream’s fundraising success.[24]

Personal life

Brewis was born on 19 September 1992.[25][26] He is bisexual.[27]

Political views

As is reflected in his YouTube videos, Brewis considers his political views adjacent to socialism, but states he prefers not to label himself this way.[28] He is a member of the Labour Party.[29]


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