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The award-winning Heineken Green Room in Singapore is the definitive electro music extravaganza for music aficionados. Exclusive and highly coveted, Heineken Green Room is a series of one-night only events held in unique and unconventional venues, known for its one-of-a-kind themed party experiences and cutting-edge music featuring international artistes at the cusp of a breakthrough. Past acts have included the likes of UNKLE, Fila Brazillia, Gang Starr, Thievery Corporation, Peter Kruder,The Cuban Brothers, The Rakes, Moderat, Gaslamp Killer, Ikonika, Jamie Woon, Drums of Death, Mosca and most recently, Thomas Schumacher as well as Benoit and Sergio. For updates on upcoming Heineken Green Room events, log on to https://www.facebook.com/heineken


Heineken, an active participant in Singapore's music scene since 2000, started the Heineken Green Room programme in 2002 to bring together people with a passion for unique music and nightlife experiences. The aim of the Heineken Green Room is to provide a platform for attendees to explore new music dimensions with fresh music performances.

Heineken Green Room events

Heineken Green Room events are by-invitation-only. The highlight of each event is the type of music that is showcased, and the way the artistes perform and engage with their audiences.

More than 20 unique Heineken Green Room events have been organised till date in Singapore.


  • Thomas Schumacher (GER), Benoit and Sergio (FRA/USA) and Intriguant (SIN)
17 October 2014
‘The Transporter’ catapulted fans into new frontiers of electronic dance music. Held at Infinite Studios, Singapore’s first world-class sound stage, guests were treated to an immersive sci-fi inspired music extravaganza, complete with theatrics and an intergalactic cast. Headlined by Thomas Schumacher, Berlin-based DJ/producer, famous for his four single releases entering the German Top 100, it also featured French/US duo, Benoit and Sergio whose signature combination of rich synth work combined with pop influenced lyrical magic and have gathered accolades in the Electronic Dance Music circuit. Making its debut in Asia at Heineken Green Room 2014 was the Heineken igNITE bottles that light up in sync with the music and motion. For the first time, fans were invited co-create music for the night, allowing them to contribute a unique voice note at ‘The Transporter’, to be infused into the DJ set by local DJ, Intriguant. The unique soundtrack ‘Genesis’, is available on the Heineken Green Room Playlist on Spotify.


  • Darker Than Wax (SIN) and Mosca and Pinch (UK)
11 October 2013
Heineken Green Room pushed the envelope to create a multi sensory experience by injecting a third dimension of ‘smell’ into the audio visual extravaganza .The journey brought guests to Gillman Barracks, where Dean Chew, the trailblazing local DJ who is one half of duo Cosa Nostra and co-founder of the Darker than Wax label, worked in faultless tandem with Terry Jacobson, an ethereal scent expert to bring to reality, via the one-of-a-kind Scenthesizer™, the never before marriage of sound, sight and smell at a Heineken Green Room party, while DJ Pinch, one of the pioneers that defined the ‘Bristol sound’ as well as London-based DJ cum producer Mosca, continued to indulge fans with his scent-infused music as they elevated the party to fever pitch.


  • Drums of Death (UK), Spank Rock (USA) and Octave One (USA)
10 August 2012
In 2012, Heineken Green Room went back to its roots to the place where the journey first began - Zouk - to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. This year’s party saw Zouk transform into a fairy tale-inspired theatrical showcase. 2012 saw Baltimore rapper Spank Rock perform soon after taking the dance-rap circuit by storm since his 2006 debut ‘Yoyoyoyoyo’ along with synth beats of Drums of Death. The London-based DJ has certainly been places, collaborating with electronic music legend Peaches as well as touring alongside indie dance floor favourites Hot Chip. The night included a special guest appearance by Octave One, putting up a high-energy live show and ground breaking anthems for the partygoers.


  • Jamie Woon (UK) and Ikonika (UK)
21 October 2011
Heineken Green Room members joined UK artists Jamie Woon and Ikonika, as well as Heineken Green Room Sound Council member, Cherry Chan and fellow DJ Izaak Stern to re-engineer the essence of music. Held at the old Kallang Airport, the venue was transformed into a top-secret gene research facility where laser lights and staff in lab coats and goggles completed the scene as over 1,800 partied on.


  • Robag Whrume (GER) and Superpitcher (GER)
13 November 2010
Enthusiasts were invited to step into a world of pixels and indulge in the 8-Bit Blitz that Heineken brought with its last Heineken Green Room event for the year. Themed "8-Bit Blitz", the event was held on 13 November 2010 at the former Kallang Theatre and was helmed by German maestros of minimal techno, Robag Wruhme and Superpitcher. Heineken Green Room Sound Council member, Donovan Wong, was the opening act.[1][2]
  • Kode9 (UK) and Kyle Hall (US)
22 May 2010
Themed “20Hz Deep” after the lowest sound the human ear can register, this immersive music adventure, showcasing London-based electronic-music DJ / producer Kode9, a well-known innovator in the dubstep world, and Kyle Hall from Detroit, took place at 2 Orchard Link.[3][4]


  • The Gaslamp Killer (UK) and Tayo (US)
9 December 2009
Themed ‘Deep Down and Deadly’, Heineken Green Room transformed the former Singapore Police Coast Guard Headquarters at Kallang Basin into an underground experience with The Gaslamp Killer and Tayo.[5][6]
  • Moderat (GER), Pfadfinderei (GER) and Nick Catchdubs (USA)
25 July 2009
‘Trip the Light Fantastic’, held at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, was helmed by cutting-edge German electronic act, Moderat. Supported by visual arts collective, Pfadfinderei, and Brooklyn-based DJ, Nick Catchdubs, it witnessed the largest ever Heineken Green Room in Singapore turn-out of over 1,500 attendees.[7][8][9]
  • Sinden (UK) and Act Yo Age (AUS)
17 April 2009
Headlined by London DJ-Producer, Sinden, and supported by Australian duo, Act Yo Age, this event at the Singapore F1 Pit Building immersed guests in a unique garage-party experience, merging modern eclectic sounds with the grungy feel of an old-school parking lot gig.[10][11]


  • The Rakes (UK)
27 March 2008
For one night only, Zouk was transformed into a London London Underground station to commemorate a ‘live’ performance and DJ set by UK indie band, The Rakes.[12]


  • Jimpster (UK) and Justin Martin (Buzzin’ Fly) (USA)
20 June 2007
A one-time only ‘Buzzin’ Fly’ experience awaited Heineken Green Room members and invited guests at the National Museum of Singapore, where two of Buzzin’ Fly’s champions, Jimpster and Justin Martin, hit the decks.
https://soundcloud.com/justin-martin-music 2006


  • Chicks on Speed (AUS)
16 November 2006
Munich’s electronic pop / multimedia trio, Chicks on Speed, weaved a unique mixture of punk/new wave, electronica and pop, while Heineken Green Room members, who besides flexing artistic muscle by adding their own touches to blank canvases placed throughout Zouk, put on accessories provided at the door to dress themselves in their best ‘Chicks on Speed’ style.
  • The Cuban Brothers (CUB)
1 June 2006
Inspired by Cuban historical fact and mythology, this event at Zouk took an experimental twist with the introduction of new-wave comic musicians, The Cuban Brothers, whose performance combined music with riotous comedy and sensational dancing.
  • Gang Starr Foundation (USA)
18 March 2006
DJ Premier and Big Shug of underground New York hip hop group, Gang Starr Foundation infused the Helipad @ Harbourfront with jazz-rap beats and hip hop sounds, in line with Heineken’s creative concept of ‘Explore a Different Space’.


  • Tortured Soul (USA) and Patrick Forge (UK)
15 September 2005
Featuring an intriguing concept: ‘The New Old’, this event at Zouk brought Heineken Green Room members back into the past, interpreted through modern eyes, and featured the combined musical talent of red-hot New York band, Tortured Soul, and veteran DJ-producer, Patrick Forge.


  • Thievery Corporation (USA)
29 September 2004
Demonstrating their ability to merge divergent musical styles to create an entirely new genre, Thievery Corporation transformed Velvet Underground into an Aladdin’s cave of musical spoils.
  • Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister) (AMS)
2 June 2004
Heineken Green Room had the rare honour of hosting Peter Kruder, one of the pioneers of the downbeat and Trip hop movement, at Velvet Underground.
  • U.N.K.L.E. (UK)
3 March 2004
Best known for being highly experimental and having a debut album that changed the electronic and Hip hop music scene, UNKLE, made up of James Lavelle and Richard File, played at Velvet Underground.


  • Steve Cobby (Fila Brazilia) (US)
26 November 2003
Steve Cobby from the much-celebrated Fila Brazilia, widely known as being on the forefront of the eclectic dance scene, headlined this event at Velvet Underground.
  • Roy Davis Jr.(UK)
30 July 2003
Roy Davis Jr., the world-famous DJ-vocalist and pioneer of ‘Soul Electrica’, performed at this event at Velvet Underground.
  • Norman Jay (US)
19 February 2003
Norman Jay MBE, the Godfather of Dance, performed at Velvet Underground in Singapore and produced an exciting array of rare grooves, funk, house and hip hop beats.


  • Snowboy (UK)
1 August 2002
Highly respected DJ-percussionist and Acid Jazz legend, Snowboy, brought his infectious Acid Jazz to Phuture in Singapore.


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